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Postnasal drip

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Morning !

Please may I have advice on this.

I have allergies to pollen house dust mite animal dander to name but a few and suffer constant Postnasal drip that can make my asthma worse at times .

I’m on montelukast and relvar combination inhaler.

I have taken fexofenadine .

What has worked well with anyone suffering the same problem?

Many thanks have a nice day

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I have post nasal drop like you. I am very allergic to house dust mites. I use fostair nexthaler 200/6 2 puffs twice a day, monkelaust and a steroid nasal spray dymista.

You could ask your doctor for a nasal spray. When I use mine I use Stermiar micro diffused sea water to clean out my nostril before I use it.

You could also ask your doctor to check your nose for polyp in your nose. If you have them then they can be treated with steriod nasal drops.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply yes very helpful. Will ask for a spray.Just looked up dymista .. it has a steroid and antihistamine I think.Is it different to steroid drops?

Do you require oral antihistamines and if so which ones have you tried.

Hi Forget that I do take an antihistamine Fexofenadine for hayfever.

Yes dymista is different to drops. Steriod nasal drop are used to treated polyps. A short course is usually needed. I cant remember which one I had. I would talk to your GP if you want more advice.

Thank you for your helpful advice 😊

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Ek55 in reply to elanaoali

I suffered from this and Dymista basically changed my life and got rid of it mostly so I second suggestions to try that.

Hey! I suffer badly with severe hay fever! Sounds like you’re on a good antihistamine with fexofenadine... Are you on a nasal spray? I was originally on Avamys but then my GP switched me to Dymista, might be worth looking in to if you haven’t already? There are others over the counter you could try too, such as Beconase, might also be worth asking a pharmacist and see what they suggest as a starting point? Also sinus rinses I find amazing when I’m struggling too, something like Sterimar is a good relief too, good luck x

Thanks will try nasal spray and rinses.What does of fexofenadine is good .. I’m on 120 mg daily

I’ve also heard mucolytics good but not heard of any particular onces to try .. any ideas?

I’m not too sure about what dose of Fexofenadine, I’m on Acrivastine which works well with me... maybe a question for your GP or Pharmacist to discuss if a higher dose might help? As for mucolytics I’ve never been prescribed one, again a question to maybe ask GP/Pharmacist to see if they could help you x

Will do thanks x

My daughter (16) has similar issues to you and is on similar medication : Relvar, Fexofenadine, Avamys. What has really helped her is using NeilMed sinus rinse twice daily (about 20 mins before Avamys) so that her nose is clear to allow Avamys to reach where it needs to. Her ENT consultant says it’s the most important thing of all her meds to take after a difficult year of chest infections/iv antibiotics and is much improved now. You can buy it in chemists/online. Hope you get some relief ,

I have similar allergies as you. I’m on fexafenadine 180mg, cetrizine hydrochloride and dymista spray. About twice a year I also use Flixonase nasule drops 400 micro grams. Even with all of these I still have daily symptoms but they are much more bearable with these. I’m moving into a new build house and so worried that the plaster dust is going to drive me crazy really not looking forward to it 😩😩😩😩

Thanks everyone for all your very helpful advice.Can you use neilmed and dymista long term if required?How long have you used it so far and how soon did you see any improvement?

As for flixonase nasal drops can this we used long term too

Many thanks x

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Sjb10 in reply to happyvaccine

You can use NeilMed rinse longterm the ENT consultant said as it’s just a saline rinse but the squeezy bottle gets it right into yr nasal passages. It’s not v pleasant but my daughter got used to it v quickly, says it’s like jumping into the sea when the water goes up yr nose! Hard to say how long it took to improve as she had other issues like a strange virus (!) last year then deep seated chest infections which affected asthma but I’d say the nose end of it improved within a few weeks. Consultant also said you can do it however much you need though my daughter does it twice, morning and evening.

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happyvaccine in reply to Sjb10

Great thanks...will try it and I wish your daughter good health .

Hi, I too have post nasal drip and a runny nose all year round. Nothing comes up on allergy tests so I don’t know what causes it. I’ve found steroid sprays don’t really help, just make my nose and throat sting.

I’ve found NeilMed sinus rinse helpful, it was recommended by a specialist, so I was able to get it on prescription but I buy it on the internet now. It comes with a bottle and sachets of special salt to make up the solution.

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happyvaccine in reply to Celie1

Great thanks will Order online too this eve !

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Celie1 in reply to happyvaccine

Hope it will help 😊

I used to, and probably will again, suffer from the dreaded post nasal drip, although mine was caused by nasal polyps. I'm using Loratadine tablets (antihistamine) and Rhinolast & Mometasone Fuorate (this used to be called Nasonex but the new name is more 'snappy') nasal sprays. This combination seems to work and I basically blow my nose twice a day and that's it. Good luck, PND is a real pain in the bahooky.

Thanks for info really helpful.

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