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Asthma Flare up with Sinusitis!


Just wondering if anyone’s suffering with asthma flare up due to sinuses?

I‘ve had a sinus infection for last 5-6weeks now, finished a course of antibiotics and doctors given me nasal spray..(which does nothing to help🙈) GP sending me for bloods to check adrenaline levels too as have been feeling very fatigued with muscle weakness in my left arm.

I’m back up on my prednisolone which has its own wonderful side effects..was doing so well to maintain at 10mg daily.

It’s a constant congested feeling in the nose, ears..then a headache to heavy head..apart from standing in the shower all day to steam I don’t know what else will help😕

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I sympathise! Yes I get or did get bad sinusitis which was often a big trigger for severe attacks for me. But my nasal spray does help’s avamys. Hmm, seems steam doesn’t trigger your asthma? If not, then I would find putting some Vicks in bowl with some boiling water and towel over head would help clear the congestion a bit.

JustR in reply to madonbrew

It’s always this time of year..I don’t do well with damp conditions as this is another big trigger too. I’ll stick with the nasal spray (mometasone), it’s only been a few days..but felt like my natural salt spray was helping more!

I used to be ok with vicks but now I can’t inhale it as it does trigger my asthma..

There are lots of things I find I’m less tolerable too as my asthma has become worse over the last 18months now..but tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully staying positive will help too!

Thanks for the suggestions😊

madonbrew in reply to JustR

Oh yeah, defo don’t do vicks then!

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

HI, I can't help on the sinus side, but if you've increased your pred you probably need to wait a bit till you're back down to maintenance or lower before you can do the adrenal function tests. Not sure what the GP said, but it won't show much if you're on higher dose pred, and you can't really stop it plus your steroid inhaler for 24 hours if you're flaring.

This post may be helpful re adrenal testing - there may be a lot that doesn't apply to you at this point, but some of it may be useful:

Just a note re the Vicks as per Madonbrew's post -assume that also doesn't trigger you? I only mention it because eucalyptus sets me off! I know it's not the case for everyone but many people aren't aware it can do that (I wasn't...) so always flag it just in case for anyone reading. (I also react to steam mind you and it sounds like you don't).

Hope you feel better soon.

madonbrew in reply to Lysistrata

Interesting how everyone’s triggers are different isn’t it...I am absolutely fine with steam and vicks. But absolutely agree...obviously don’t do anything that’s gonna be a trigger!

JustR in reply to Lysistrata

Hi, thanks for the information about my blood test..I didn’t even think and my GP wouldn’t have a clue..I might try and get in touch with my consultant and see if he can suggest when etc..

I’m hoping this sinus issue is causing my asthma flare and nothing else..when you’ve maintained at 10mg...and then increase it’s like you constantly feel horrible for days..but if it helps me breathe I know I’ve got to keep taking them!..In the last 2years I’ve never got lower than 10mg..tried Xolair recently with no luck waiting to see if consultant will put me forward for alternatives..but looks like I’ll be waiting some time now.

I’m ok with steam..but not vicks..I find natural oils in my diffuser do help sometimes but have to get the right mix😬

Thanks for the information. Take care.

I have asthma flare when I have sinusitis.

What is your sinus clearing regimen?

The ENT doc I see has me on a regimen to use until healthy:

-blow nose

-Saline spray and blow nose again

-steroid nasal spray

-allergy spray

I use Saline spray 1-2 times daily to keep my nose free of congestion. Even when healthy.

When sick, Saline or a Nettie pot to clean out mucous so the medication sprays can do their thing.

Best wishes!

JustR in reply to Tree20862

Thanks for the regimen info..I’ve got a sea salt nasal spray that I’m using like an allergy spray and it does help..hopefully the steroid one will help too.

Just as the pollen season ends it feels like we go into the damp and leaf mould which are triggers for my asthma.

Fingers crossed it settles soon!

Take care

Tree20862 in reply to JustR

Yes, me, too. I'm on extra allergy pills until the first frost! I have a wonderful allergy /asthma doc.

Saline spray is the key. Keep your nose clear!

Best wishes for better health.

I am suffering too. I went to A&E yesterday with my exacerbation and chest pain. the chest pain was due to the asthma. My GP gave me steroids and the A&E gave me antibiotics. This is my 8th chest infection in less than 12 months. I am going to chase my GP today for long-term antibiotics.

JustR in reply to B_Asthma

Oh no, a trip to A&E is never good, how your ok and recovering. 8 chest infections is not good, have you been referred by your GP to the asthma team at hospital?

B_Asthma in reply to JustR

I have spoke with my gp today. He is going to ask for long-term steroids from the pulmonologist. He thinks it due to inflammation.

I had about the same thing, used medicine etc. > year, didn’t help. Must be an allergic thing dr said. Beginning after pneumonia and flu. Since some months i use eucalyptus-etherisch-oil, just smelling a little bit on it in the morning and then during sporting some drops in a diffuser. That helps and opens my nose. Hope it can help you too. 👊Bert

JustR in reply to tusty

Yeah the medicines feel like they only give short relief, so exhausted with a heavy head by the evening..

The natural oils do help, eucalyptus and lavender are good for congestion.

I take montelukast and daily antihistamine for allergies..feels like it’s seasonal with weather change.

Take care

Yes my sinuses have been bad for about 6 weeks (not terrible) and my chest worse than normal despite the meds

I just had it down to seasonality

JustR in reply to Watforddogs

Yeah I agree wit the weather change it happens most years for me, but feels worse this time around. Hopefully the flare will settle soon..fingers crossed you get some relief too!


Ditto really to all your symptoms. Thats been two months now and was resigned to going part time as the whole package of symptoms meant my asthma was too bad to continue. However....felt a lot better yesterday and today and what a difference. The main issue was a niggly bacterial throat infection made worse by preventer. Coughing exacerbated asthma. Anti biotics wouldnt touch it....just as much rest as possible and drinking clear fluids.

I would definitely recommend some of the teas on the market...ginger

..lemon etc but deffo not peppermint!!!

JustR in reply to erifder

I finished my antibiotics and felt some relief, but maybe picked up a viral after?

I always find my immune system is low going into October..lots of fluids and rest for sure!

I might try a ginger and lemon tea!

Thanks the tips!

I've found that a nasal wash helps, and now use it every day.

JustR in reply to Trimley

Ok I might give that a go! Thanks

And sometimes otrivin nasal salt spray with eucalyptus. Bert

The Saline spray in the afternoon might get rid of the heavy evening head feeling.

Sinus problems are very underestimated in their impact on us.

Something worth noting all you sinus sufferers is hyperventilation syndrome, where you either mouth breath or breath in a dysfunctional way because of blocked sinuses, this can often mimic asthma symptoms and a fairly high number of asthma sufferers have this HVS as well. I personally find that if I am short of breath (especially the in breath not out breath as is common in asthma) with good peak flow readings and where ventolin does not help much, I look at HVS. Stress is also a common symptom and for me laying down at night makes it worse. I too have chronic sinus problems and deviated septum. HVS is now more commonly known as DBP (dysfunctional breathing pattern).

All the best. A

JustR in reply to Alauralane

Thanks for the info about dysfunctional breathing, my consultant actually identified this with me last year, my breathing pattern was not good and after 6months if breathing physio I’ve seen a huge difference in breathing the correct way..and not getting myself worked up when congested or having an asthma flare..I’m sure it goes un-identified in so many people..I could have been doing it for years!

I also have a deviated septum which doesn’t help my congestion but, never wanted to have it rectified as I’ve heard too many stories about people feeling worse after surgery etc.. the sinus has definitely got worse over the years, but In particular this year.

Take care

Alauralane in reply to JustR

Yes you are right about many people not identified as having DB. I too am reluctant to have my septum repaired but it does cause me lots of breathing issues especially as you say this year.

I think I will ask about breathing physio as I do not seen to be able to control it myself. Thank you for your reply. Regards A

JustR in reply to Alauralane

The breathing physio was a great way to understand more about my breathing technique and the things I can do to improve things. Hope it helps you too!

I had this a while back and it’s so difficult to get out of the cycle of sinus problems and breathing problems. As you said that steam helps, have you considered using a face steamer ? The sea salt spray seems to give you some relief too so the steam might listen the blocked sinuses a little more so the sea salt can get further in? Are you on any antihistamines?

JustR in reply to Itswonderful

Hi, yes the sea salt spray is good and lots of steam. I’ve had sinus flares over the years but it feels like it’s really impacted my asthma more this year. I take loratadine daily for allergies. I’m hoping I’ll start to see some improvement if I keep on top of it all.

Hi, I'm new to the forum, very interesting reading the stories of you guys, makes me at least feel like I'm not alone in my constant fight with respiratory problems and the worry it brings.

For me I can blow 700+ peak flow all the time even when I feel short on breath. Last few weeks have been horrendous with the season change and find myself awake at silly hours too scared to sleep.

I have a bad deviated septum and I'm sure post nasal drip as my chest is productive and I'm always coughing trying to clear my air ways.

Currently taking symbicort 200, antihistamine, montelukast avamys and carbocisteine. At the moment steam seems to help more than anything else.

Hopefully when the frost comes along and it's not so damp things might get a little better for us.

I know with covid being around this year it's been impossible to get any help and also added loads of stress, lots of people where I work have recently been diagnosed with covid and it's pretty scary having to go into work after a couple of hours sleep and covid doing the rounds.

I find it all mentally draining, it's broken me a few times this year, what do you guys do to keep strong?

JustR in reply to Timeh

Your definitely not alone, it’s great to be able to share experience and ask for peoples thoughts on things.

I’m the same with my peak flow..even on a bad bad day!..and I’ve experienced the feeling the of not wanting to fall asleep in fear of not being able to breath..

Let’s hope the colder weather comes along soon as the damp really doesn’t help!

Covid has been testing..and mentally I’ve struggled..having shielded and hearing my children ask very hard questions to answer about people dying was the toughest. I personally believe in staying positive and focusing on the things we can control.

Take care and stay safe.

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