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I have struggled all day long today to breathe...have taken my blue 10 times. I’ve not been great for a couple of weeks and saw my asthma nurse at surgery who had referred me back to hosp after they ditched me from clinic because of Covid backlog. My nurse has stepped up my inhalers again to same as what consultant had me on before stepping them down(with permission of GP) but even being on high doses of 3 inhalers & montelukast & amylophiline I still can’t breathe well.

I don’t feel bad enough to go to hospital but will do if gets worse.

Aaaghhh! Crazy asthma!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Ugh. Just be sensible. If the 10 puffs of vent doesn’t last 4 hours then you need to go get some more help. Not sure if you’re on steroids atm, but sounds like they may be needed for a short course just to get you through the heatwave!

Hope you feel better soon! Look after yourself

madonbrew in reply to EmmaF91

Thank you Emma. Not on steroids atm, but nurse just added back in Alvesco on top of Fostair 200....6 puffs &Spireva & the montelukast & aminoph!

I will ring 111 if it’s not better tomorrow! I guess the 111 dr can prescribe me steroids over weekend if I need them before Monday!

It’s always the weekend when this happens! D’oh!

twinkly29 in reply to madonbrew

Hope things are more settled today but definitely phone 111 if they're not - or even if they're up and down really. New or increased meds can take a couple of weeks (or longer depending what it is, 6 or 8 weeks for some) to kick in so often people need a course of steroids to help them in a flare during such a period.

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Thank you Twinkly29. It took a while to settle after getting into bed but actually I had a good night and didn’t wake at all. If it’s not good today in the heat I’ll ring 111 for pred.

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Are you home from hospital again now? How are you doing in this hot weather?

twinkly29 in reply to madonbrew

I am home, yes! Wahoo! 😂

Yesterday wasn't the most fun day but increased reliever meds and fans helped. Fortunately being in the north on the coast we only had yesterday as a really hot day and now we have like 20C ish for the next few days which is so much better - and now that the grass pollen isn't an issue (think it's weeds, nettles and some spores which are when they talk of high pollen at the moment), am hoping things stay relatively ok!

Glad you had a good night. Fingers crossed things stay settled today 😊

madonbrew in reply to twinkly29

Glad you’re home! It’s tricky when it’s the weather that triggers isn’t it!!! At least like you say...not so boiling for you today hopefully!Keep staying safe!

I’m down on the south coast...near Bournemouth, so the opposite to you. Loads of scorching days!

It’s funny because usually when I go abroad on holiday to hot countries my asthma becomes the best it’s ever been. Maybe there are other variables too...less pollution, stress, different trees etc.

Definitely get medical attention. You meet the criteria with having to take that many puffs of ventolin in one day. It also sounds like you’ve been deteriorating slowly over the past couple weeks which can happen.

I know it can feel dramatic to go to the hospital especially if you’re afraid of being exposed to covid or busying doctors who have their hands full with covid patienrs but it’s always good to be on the safe side when you’re really struggling.

Hope the hotline is helpful and you can some help ASAP. Keep us posted!

If you every struggling if you can get to A&E go or if you are get ambulance out they don't mi d coming out to you.,or get and emergency appointment if you can at drs so you can get some steroids and if needed some antibiotics if needed don't struggle otherwise you might end up in hospital.

Thank you Hilary39 and Pipswhips. Amazingly I have had a good night . If today turns out like yesterday, I will definitely call 111 for some steroids or go to A&E if need be.

If not I’ll get an emergency appointment with my GP on Monday!

I’m not always great at knowing when I should get extra help so I’m grateful for all your input!


How are you doing now?

I hope today is better for you.

Amazingly I have been much better today. Not perfect but much better! I have generally stayed indoors mainly which might have helped me to fair better. Yesterday we’d gone to the sea as my little nephew was having a sailing lesson so we were sitting at Mudeford Quay...well in the park bit . I guess the mixture of weather and environment just didn’t suit me well!

Thank you for asking!

Hope you are all managing in this hot weather! I think it’s 33 degrees here today! 🥵

Pleased you feel much better, but don't over do it.

I had an attack yesterday as it was hot and humid outside. We were out too.

Just got increasingly breathless. So today I'm staying indoors.

Oh no! How are you doing today?

It really is so humid isn’t it! The air is just so hot to breathe in.

Don’t think we sometimes look after ourselves well and suddenly find ourselves struggling!

Have you felt better staying indoors?

Lol...I have learnt to play Chim Chim Cheree on my piano on my day in !!!

Sorry that hear that BB. It was horrendous with the humidity and pollen yesterday. I had a high heart rate which is a bit of a signal that all is not well with my breathing. I was in the garden on tues and my pulse felt a little fast. It was 140 bpm( my resting pulse is 69bpm). Same has happened today but a few shots of blue has brought it down.

Did you need to go to A and E?

Hope you are feeling less breathless. It doesn’t seem quite so oppressive today.

I hope your staying in the cool and resting. This humid weather is a real shocker. Another to add on the list. No A&E managed it ourselves.

Thank you. I've taken extra Fostair to keep my PF up. I know I have that nagging back pain. No breathlessness just taking it easy and slow. Yesterday came on so fast

Sometimes they do come out of nowhere don’t they. I think they are the really scary ones!

Are you going to have a check in with GP to make sure your ok?

Hi JC our GP practice is not open. Just get a talk on the phone with a paramedic! I hope you're feeling better?

Have to say BB I’m about the same, maybe a little better. It’s time to start the amber plan yet again. I always feel better on the higher preventer dose when I do but sadly my GP had said I can only take the higher dose for a short period of time.

Oh JC that does not sound good. Maybe it's time you were referred on to a specialist ?

Well, I do have some other tricks up my sleeve that I could try before I approach GP again. I’m not half as bad as I was 12 months ago with the near daily attacks but over the last 6 months I really feel I’ve slowly lost some of the control I had. Tuesday’s events were awake up call.

Glad to read it JC, but don't sit on it too long.

I agree with BB. Maybe a referral to a specialist would be able to help get it better controlled! It’s really not good if you are struggling and need higher meds but your GP can’t give them to you!

How are you feeling today?

Didn’t start out so well this morning, but this afternoon had been ok.

How about you?

Ah that's a shame. This weather is really causing problems I guess. I woke at 5 coughing a lot 330. PF low so took a pff of Fostair. Then my usually 2 at 08.30 with my Spiriva respimate, which helped bring it up to my best 400 .

Take care

Thank you for your support madonbrew.

Yes they are the scary ones that you don’t feel you know where they came from.

Sometimes though there are signs leading up to one...maybe like me, you don’t recognise it until it’s got to the ‘ok this is really bad’ moment!

Hi madonbrew

Sorry to hear you've been struggling (as I have with the heat), do you keep a rescue pack of steroids at home? If I start to struggle I get straight on them,40mg for 5 days, usually with me it's if I can't sleep at night due to asthma. It saves going to A&E or 111 as that tends to work for me.

Hi ccccc,

No, for some reason they’ve never given me a rescue pack although it would make sense as I end up on them often. Next time I talk to my go I’ll ask her! Might even ring her tomorrow anyhow. Hopefully will get appointment with consultant again soon & she can help sort me out better in the long term?!

Sorry you are struggling too! This weather is playing havoc with us lot isn’t it!

ccccc in reply to madonbrew

Definitely ask them, as it means you can start them before it gets so bad you need to go to hospital. I haven't been to A&E for about 7 years as I know if I can't sleep then it's steroid time and it nips it in the bud. Do you have an asthma plan too? Everyone should have one. It just gives you some guidance about what to do when you're feeling worse. I think it was the practice nurse who suggested keeping some steroids at home a while ago, the consultant always asks if I have a pack at home too so it may be in the treatment guidelines. It's cooler today (I'm in the north west) but the humidity is a killer isn't it! But definitely ask about the steroids the GP should be able to give you some without any fuss.

I do have an asthma plan. I think everyone should have one although it seems lots don’t! The annoying thing is tho is that like some of the others, my peak flow doesn’t drop too drastically, so it’s hard to follow the least in regards to the PF bit. My biggest indicator is when I need my vent daily...lots of times & at night. But often by then, it’s worse than I realise!

Last time I ended up in hospital I went to OOH on the Sunday & the dr gave me steroids and antibiotics. I started everything that evening then the Monday afternoon I couldn’t breathe and went to surgery & I got blue lights and sirens to the hospital. So even with the steroids I still ended up at hospital...for 11 days. 😕

However...usually they would have nipped it in the bud! Tomorrow I’ll ring my GP!

Yes this weather is certainly playing havoc! It’s feels a little cooler here today although it’s still 31! We’re not used to such high temperatures for so many days are we😂

That’s really good you have managed to stay away from a&e for 7 years! Long may it continue for you! 😊

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