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Any advice on managing asthma

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I contracted Covid19 and it’s triggered my asthma which I haven’t had for nearly 18 years. Doctor has prescribed ventolin and steroid inhalers which I have been on for three days now plus antibiotics but only seen a slight improvement in my breathlessness. Does it normally take longer than this to see an improvement?

I feel quite scared tbh so any advice you can give me would be appreciated

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They've given you antibiotics for a virus? Have you been tested? Are you sure it's Covid-19?

A steroid inhaler can take some time to improve asthma, so it will take a couple of weeks to improve your asthma control. Are you taking your Ventolin when you get breathless? Is it helpful?

I do think you need to be very careful if you've got Covid-19, as this by itself can cause breathlessness, even in people without asthma. I would say you need to watch very, very carefully to check your breathlessness isn't getting worse - and if it is then get help quickly. We don't know much about Covid-19, but the advice I've been given by my doctor is that if Ventolin isn't improving the breathlessness, it could be Covid-19-related breathlessness rather than asthma breathlessness. It can be very hard to tell as they can impact each other.

Please, please take care of yourself and if the breathlessness gets worse and isn't helped by Ventolin then get medical help.

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mrsm49 in reply to Xiave

I read they are giving people antibiotics to guard against secondary infections. It seems fighting the virus strains the body making it more vunerable to bacterial infections.

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LJMD in reply to Xiave

You were probably prescribed antibiotics as a precaution because they know Covid 19 can turn into bacterial pneumonia.

Hope you feel better soon and like the above reply if your breathlessness gets worse call 999!

Not sure if this link will work (sorry not good at IT!) Its from a hospital doctor explaining breathing exercises to do if you catch the virus

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Dance103 in reply to mrsm49

Link works thank you

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lakelover in reply to mrsm49

Useful anyway if you are bad at night. Thank you for posting the link.

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Yatzy in reply to mrsm49

Very useful to know, especially the lie on your front bit, which has never been part of my routine. Thanks x

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Dance103 in reply to Yatzy

I presume I can do this even though I’m breathless. Trying to get my asthma under control

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Yatzy in reply to Dance103

I think you’ll maybe have to give your meds a few days more. Asthma meds usually focused on reducing inflammation and that takes a bit of time. The antibiotics should show some effect quite soon though. Contact your Dr for reassurance? Really hope things go to usual plan for you with this new virus. Best of luck 💕

So sorry to hear you've been unlucky to get Covid-19. Breathlessness is a symptom of the virus so ventolin may not give you relief as the breathlessness isn't caused by asthma. But keep up with the antibiotics and steroid inhaler.

Did the GP arrange a follow up appointment to check on your progress? If you feel no better after a week then talk to your GP again. You may need additional medication to give you some relief from the symptoms.

But as someone else said, if breathing gets to the point where you find it hard to get words out you will need to call an ambulance. It sounds alarmist, but have a bag packed now in readiness. This advice was given to the shielding group.

I have two family members with similar symptoms and they never had asthma and find the breathlessness really distressing. And these are considered as mild symptoms!

I hope you're over this ASAP. Take care.

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Dance103 in reply to Poobah

Thank you! Weirdly it is helpful to know that other people are going through the same thing

It can take quite a while to see an improvement, so don't panic. You have the right medication so just settle back and wait for it to work. Of course call 999 if you are in a bad way, but you will probably be ok, just frustrated at how long it all takes. Good luck!

Thank you!

Hi Dance 103

The steroid inhaler ,will work eventually, it just needs time to build up in your lungs,

Mine took a couple of months probably would have been less if I'd been given a Ventolin one too. Keep taking it ,x

Hope you get better soon. Pl do keep us updated.

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