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The Asthma UK Step Challenge


Hi All

Are you looking to get a bit more active, but (like a few of us here) find the thought of running a marathon too daunting? Well, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created a fun, brand-new event that’s made just for you.

The Asthma UK Step Challenge.

We’re asking you to pledge how many steps you can walk throughout the month of October to help us reach our target of 5.4 million – one step for every person with asthma in the UK”. Learn more at or by clicking on the picture in the home page.


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I was advised to use Sterimar before Dymista nasal spray should there be a gap in-between taking these.

in reply to Smoggy1990Boggy

Hi & thanks for your question. It's a good idea to use Sterimar before you take your nasal spray. Sterimar helps clean out your nose of any allergens that your might have breathed in earlier. But, once done, you do not have to wait before using your Dymista. All the best- one of the asthma nurses.

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