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How do you know if you're antibiotics are working yet?


Hi all, I'm in my 4 th lot of antibiotics for a chest infection, now on the 4 th day in. I'm also on pred 20mg for two weeks, 3 rd day in.

So far my breathing sounds no better, in fact I would say it might be a bit worse.

I saw the respiratory specialist on Thursday last week who said the whole of my lung chambers were filled with mucous. My breathing sounds horrific, even he was surprised how bad it sounded.

All this started in October with an asthma flare. I'm so sick of it, it's been 5 months and we go on holiday in just over a week.

He asked me to go back and see him in two weeks or before if it's no better.

The thing is I'm so busy with work ( self employed) before I go away I would need to call the secretary tomorrow and get booked in. Wondering if I'm just being impatient?

I'm on Azithromycin and Seretide inhaler.

I never bring any mucous up, it's still all just sitting on my chest.

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Ask fir something to help bring mucous up, also drink plenty of water , I nebulise and this helps me bring mine up , you need to be shown by a physio how to clear your lungs properly as this will be why u have recurrent infections

Noodlers in reply to Shellc

Thank you. I'm drinking lots of hot fluids and am trying to drink some water too.

I've never used a nebuliser. I do have a small humidifier which I've been putting on in the bedroom at night. Ive also got a small facial steamer but every time I use it it just makes me cough so I stopped using it.

I will ask the consultant about something to shift the mucous. It does make me wonder why my GP or he didn't suggest this before though. Sometimes it seems you have to do your own research and suggest things to them!

I will ask about exercises to get the mucous up too.

My infection has just been one constant one since October/ November. It's not even as if it's gone and come back. It just won't t go.

Thank you.

If the steamer makes you cough try to stick with it as it will help you bring stuff up . One good way is to take several deep slow breaths in and then breath out as if u are steaming up a window , repeat this as many times as is comfortable but what it will do is help bring up stuff without wearing yourself out coughing

Noodlers in reply to Shellc

Ok, I will give it another go. Thanks for the tips.

I'm sure you already know that antibiotics do not work for viral infections ?

Noodlers in reply to Griffon

Yes I know that thank you. Doctors font think it's viral as it's been going on since October.

This morning I've woken up and my chest is less wheezy! Can't tell you how ecastic I am about that.

I think at last we might get some progress.

DeanSamson in reply to Noodlers

Hi I was on seritide inhalers for years and my asthma wasn't well controlled. I'm was moved onto symbicort which works alot better. I too am in the middle of a chest infection right night clarithromycin and pred for new few days. Get well soon we also go in holiday very soon.

Noodlers in reply to DeanSamson

I'm sorry to hear you're not well either. I hated being on the Clarithmorycin, it left me with a really bitter taste in my mouth.

I've been on Seretide ( highest dose) for about 6 or 7 years now and it's always worked really well until last October for some reason.

Does the Symbicort have a long acting bronchilator in it too?

I hope you're going to be ok for your holiday. It's not nice going away and trying to relax when you feel so rough.

Darceydoo in reply to Noodlers

Hi I was on Seretide 250 for a few years , now on Relvar 182/92 seems ok not always easy to breath in though. May be worth you trying it!

I find a long hot shower and deep breathing helps but anything you bring up spit out .best of luck

Noodlers in reply to Jsc3

Thank you. In the 5 days I've been on this last lot of antibiotics I think I've brought up about 1/8 TSP. I'm really not sure how all this mucous is going to come out.

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