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Advice needed please asthma cough.

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what's going on with my asthma cough.

Ive had adult onset asthma for about 15 years now. I changed from the brown preventer to Seretide about 6 years ago and it's worked really well. Until that is October last year, my cough flared up and my GP advised me to up my dose from 2 twice a day to 3 twice a day. I done this for about a month, made no difference.

Then the asthma nurse told me to try changing from the volumatic spacer to the little blue aero chamber one. That made no difference. Then I got very wheezy, so she put me on Amoxicillin.

Then I had a stronger ab, can't remember the name something like Claramycin. I got a cold before Xmas and got worse she then gave me a nasal spray and 5 days of oral pred. That didn't help either.

After Xmas I had Montelukast tablets for 3 weeks, no noticeable difference.

Then a third lot of abs, still very chesty and short of breath.

I had asked for a hospital referral but she said, no point as they won't do anything else other than what I'm doing.

After the third lot of abs she finally agreed to refer me, it's now been 5 months! I feel rubbish, tired short of breath if I do too much and have horrendous coughing fits. My voice is hoarse and my head and back hurt from constantly coughing.

I've decided to go private now so I have an appointment with a respiratory specialist on Thursday this week.

I feel really angry and disappointed it's taken this long.

What sort of thing should I be asking him? What sort of tests should I expect?

Would be interested to hear your experiences with a specialist, I'm really hoping I'm just going to feel normal again.

Sorry for waffling on.

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They could have checked your ige levels with a blood test and checked on allergies, ditto done sputum tests for infections rather than just dole out antbiotics. Hopefully a consultant can ascertain whether your asthma is atopic or non atopic, or both, and you can begin to figure out your triggers. Could be a mould allergy hence an autumn flare, for example. There are further treatment steps they can take, as well as different inhalers, but they will need to do some more testing, including probably some spirometry.

Thanks for the advice. What is Ige? And, what's the difference between atopic and non atopic? I've never heard that before.

My oxygen levels were checked, I think she said it was 88 but I might have got that wrong.

I haven't done a sputum sample because I haven't brought any up. Apart from a bit yesterday that is.

I've never had a spirometry test, not even sure what that is. My peak flow is usually ok but I don't know what it is. And tbh, it's not been tested since Xmas when the nurse done it.

My GP kept telling me it's not asthma as the pred would have got rid of it, but honestly I think it is.

I do have silent reflux too, I've been on Omeprazole for about 5 or 6 years.

Ige levels show allergen response intensity. Atopic asthma is allergic asthma, non-atopic asthma is triggered by cold and perfumes etc. If you are allergic (pollen, cats, mounds etc), then various medications might help you, e.g.anti-histamines, but if 3 weeks of montelukast doesn’t help, that may not be the case. If you’re having an asthma flare, then 5 days of steroids may not be enough, though some response/ reduction in symptoms would be expected.

Why not speak to a nurse here at Asthma Uk who might be able to advise what else you might do. Maybe increasing your omeprazole, or supplementing it with gaviscon might be worth experimenting for a month or so.

I have been taking some Gaviscon in the evenings lately.

The one thing I haven't tried yet is anti histamines ( although I took a piriton last night to help me sleep)

This afternoon/ evening I've developed a temperature.

I feel rubbish ( more than usual lol) i feel so cold and shivery though.

I think I'm just picking up so many viruses at the mo. I've had two colds since Xmas, I normally one get one every year or two.

Something is going on with my immune system.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

So sorry your feeling Like this ...everyone I suppose is different some weeks my cough us awful some hardly at all x

Hope you get answers x

It could be silent reflux (LPR), long term cough and shortness of breath are 2 of the many symptoms. There are many online articles if you want to investigate more.

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Thank you, I do have silent reflux and have been on Omeprazole for about 5 or 6 years.

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Omeprazole is good for the symptoms of reflux and GERD but it has been shown to be ineffective in treating LPR.

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Have you checked your sinuses? Maybe an infection. I just had radical sinus surgery on 25 February -day 2 of recovery. Developed asthma from sinus infection. My infection reached my brain causing 5 grand mal seizures in 90 minutes. Didn't wake up from any. All that time I had endless issues with chest over 4 years. Out of 7 doctors it took a genius doctor to find link. My point is don't give up and please change your doctor/health care practitioner.

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Omg I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It sounds awful.

I'm not aware I have problems with my sinuses. At the start of all this in October I hadn't had a cold.

After googling LPR, I think it might be that.

My specialist appointment is tomorrow, I'm so desperate for some answers. I'm just exhausted with it all

Keep us updated. I know how awful it is and so frustrating. I pray that you will find the right help. Take care

Thank you Panda girl. I saw the respiratory specialist yesterday, he was quite shocked at my wheezing and after listening to my chest said that basically the whole area was full of mucous.

His thoughts were it wasn't related to my reflux as all this started in October. He thinks it's just badly controlled asthma. He's given me two weeks of pred ( crap! I've just realised I only took one this morning instead of 4! ) What an idiot I am. That's because my cats are on one pred, stupidly I was on auto pilot.

The last time I took them at lunch time I was awake until 4.30 am.

I guess I will have to just start the proper dose tomorrow morning now.

He's also given me 6 days of Azithromycin.

We go on a city break in less than 2 weeks so I'm really hoping I've got a bit more energy and am coughing less by then.

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