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Ready for 3rd Mepo injection

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Hi all

I’m having my third Mepo injection tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Within three weeks of having my first injection my asthma was much improved and I was so happy. Almost immediately after my second injection I had the most horrendous aches and pains in my joints I really struggled to sleep and work but my asthma was still improving. I’m having my third injection tomorrow. This will be a few days late as I’ve just returned from Germany. For the past week my aches and pains have gone but my asthma has returned with a vengeance. I can barely do a flight of stairs and only walk short distances. I’m wondering if this is because I’m needing my next injection and the effects of the previous one Are wearing off. Has anyone had a similar experience with Mepo?

Many thanks


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I was on mepo but it’s just been stopped cause I keep getting headaches/migraines and severe joint/muscle pain 😞

For my asthma it was brilliant tho (I could ‘forget’ I had asthma!) so I kept trying to persuade them to keep me on it. I found that I got more ‘twitchy’ the week before it was due. I had this more so when I was on xolair and was needing hydrocortisone the week before injection but that biological wasn’t as good for my lungs as I was always twitchy.

It does take a while for the drug to ‘build up’ in your body hence why they say it can take x (4?5?) doses before seeing an affect, which is possibly why you feel like it’s wearing off when you’ve delayed a dose.

Good luck and I hope the aches calm down for you... definitely worth mentioning to the ANs tho!

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Margerita in reply to EmmaF91

Thanks Emma

It’s so reassuring to hear that I’m not going mad 😊 I am thankfully blessed with a brilliant asthma team in Wolverhampton and a consultant who is amazing. I have a review with her tomorrow so will go through everything with her then. Thank you again and I do hope that you find something that works for you x

I had 6 before being stopped , I had horrendous joint pains too , the joint pains have now stopped but the measles spasms in my arms haven’t

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