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New asthma doctor, severe persistent asthma, biologicals- blood test may not match

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Hello and Happy New Year!

So, I finally found a new asthma doctor and got in to see him. Sooo much better than the last asthma doc who was not listening to me, refused to help me when I was struggling (eventually making me go to urgent care to get prednisone- which cleared up the asthma flare), and wrongly diagnosed me with VCD.

Anyway, new doctor took a thorough history and wants to try using a biological. He had me do a blood test. I saw the blood test results, but have to wait another week to see the doctor again. My eosinophils were not high- so I think that rules out eosinophilic asthma. To qualify for Xolair you have to have at least one year round allergy - I’ve got that: dust mites and mold. But, your IgE level is supposed to be between 30-400. My IgE level was 18. I think that means I don’t qualify for that med either. One question I have is- does the xyzal I’ve taken for 2 months lower the IgE level? Does anyone have experience with Xolair? If you take Xolair can you stop taking some of your other asthma meds?

Next- does singulair bother anyone? I’m feeling anxious, kinda OCD in fact, tired and have had a headache the last couple days since I started it.

Thanks all, any comments and advice would be so nice.

Thank you!

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I would suggest discussing the results with your doctor and asking if the fact that you were on xyzal would lower the IgE. As it seems to be an antihistamine then it might do.

Wow, this doctor seems great. Ive never felt that my asthma has been properly assessed in the last few years, and it has definitely changed. Triggers have altered and also the length of time to get over an episode.

Did u have blood test while on high dose steroids as this may be why your levels were low

singulair is a different name for Montelukast. While drugs and dosage size can effect different patients in different ways (especially if taking other meds) I have had no (apparent) problems with the 10mg Dose I take at bedtime. Assume you too have been told to take it at that time of day, as I gather bedtime is generally the advised time of day to take it - but check with your doc as I’m not a medical professional.

Shellic, I take Breo Ellipta 200/25. I know that is a moderately high dose of inhaled corticosteroids. I haven’t had to have a dose of prednisone for about 2 months.

Thanks, Matman. I do take it at night and maybe I’ll get used to it.

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