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Feeling fine then not


Hi all, I’ve been on antibiotics since Monday only a low dose of Doxycycline for a sinus infection and the reason I went to the doc is because I kept waking up with this tickly cough that produces white foamy like phlegm but she said antib’s would treat sinus and chest if it come that way. If I’m honest I’m confused as I don’t feel like I have a chest infection just this annoying tickle that wakes me like right now!!

I’ve been off work for 3 days so all week and I’m scared as I’m still on probation in this job that I will loose my job!

I was planning to go back tomorrow as have been feeling 10x better but this cough has other decisions!!

Unsure what to do as no tight chest either..

At the moment I’m following a rule of staying off until I’m fully well to go back but have no idea if this company prefers that like my old job or would prefer just a few days and just go back in?

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Hello Helennn

I'm foxy I'm sorry to hear about your health as I have used doxycoline it's very weak antibiotics then again works for few people I guess where you been on it for 3 days not better guess my advise will be to go back as you might need streiods or change of antibiotics as its winter and there is lots virus around make sure you stay warm and wrap up if you go out hope things get better soon

Helennn in reply to Foxy79

Hi thank you for your reply. I went back to my doctor on Thursday and was given steroids and it’s starting to clear up a little now. Thank you :)

Foxy79 in reply to Helennn

Hello Helennn

Nice to hear from you again I can feel you cause I have same and for us streiods plays a big role specially in winter so many triggers. You take care of your anytime need advice please let us know will be happy to let you know foxy79

There is something going round that is proving particularly difficult to shift. Even a non asthmatic friend of mine was dismayed when a cold she thought she had got over returned about a week later. I was quietly congratulating myself on having kept my sinuses clear of infection (always a risk) after I went down with a cold a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t a particularly bad cold; I described it as irritating and uncomfortable rather than heavy. But it has left me with an infuriating little cough that will not go away. I know the cause - muck going down into my lungs over night and resulting in irritation. Trouble is coughing the muck up only partially works. Some I will get up and can then spit out, but all too often it doesn’t come up far enough and ends up slipping back down. I’ve already cancelled and rescheduled my annual asthma review once and I suspect I may have to again. I don’t think I have a chest infection, and my peak flow readings aren’t too bad at all, but there is no doubt my lungs are irritated; even as I write this I’m feeling slightly tight and breathing is causing that annoying ‘tickle’, for want of a better word.

Hard to know what to recommend, other than take care of yourself and keep warm.

Helennn in reply to MaggieHP

Hi Maggie, thank you for your reply.

Aw no bless her. Oh no, that’s what my doctor also said to me is that mine probably started as sinus but it’s just been dripping down in to my chest, resulting in my crackly cough!

I do hope you can get to go to your annual asthma review soon as they are important. Hope you feel better soon also x

MaggieHP in reply to Helennn

Better today, thank you, and not too bad yesterday, but the day before was not so good. That’s been something else that’s been strange; one day I’ve felt better, the next day it’s been not so good. It’s almost been a classic two steps forward one step back. But I’m hopeful that two good days on the trot is an indication that things are finally sorting themselves out.

Asthma review on Tuesday so with a bit of luck that will go ahead.

Hope you start to feel an improvement too soon. x

I like doxycycline and have to ask what you think a low dose is...???

The standard dosing for doxycycline is 2 tablets to start and then 1 tablet a day for 6-7 days.. I wouldn't say it was weak as it's actually broad spectrum and kills more types of bacteria than the likes of amoycillin and the more usual antibiotics that you would take 3/4 tablets a day of.

Infact I have had 14 days of amoxicillin at 4 tablets a day and then needed doxycycline as the amoxicillin didn't touch the infection (still had crackles and reduces sounds in the affected lung)

Helennn in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Yes I’m on 2 to start then 1 there after for 7 days. I think it was more due to the fact that when my chest gets crackly and I have a chesty cough any antibiotic doesn’t seem to work. But I know previously I have been given Doxycycline and things not cleared up. I’m on steroids now also

Chip_y2kuk in reply to Helennn

Ah see they give me steroids and antibiotics as a standard for chest infections... and amoxicillin makes me worse... turns out I'm allergic to penicilin (been taking it on and off for various infections for years) ... who new

Helennn in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Oh do they? That’s a good idea actually! I think my problem is maybe going to the doctor too early when I have just a sinus infection and then not always it turns in to something in my chest and I end up trotting back!

That’s strange I am too but most of my family are also x

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