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Flare up


Hi, I went to the GP yesterday with my worsening asthma symptoms - first ever 'proper' asthma attack(with wheezing), breathlessness in the day, interferes with talking, eating etc.

I was talking symbicort 100/6 2 x twice a day. I said I just about tollerate the LABA in that dose and don't use the blue inhaler much even when I know I'd get relief, due to same symptoms - palpitations and shaky.

The GP told me to double my dose of symbicort. So 4 x puffs twice a day. She told me deterioration likely due to a viral infection, but I haven't been ill at all. This dose seems drastic and takes me to the maximum daily dose of formoterol.

What do you think?

I took this dose last night and I had heart palpitations, was very shaky and I felt drowsy and a headache came on. I felt quite unwell, and still felt that way in the morning. It hadn't worn off.

I haven't been able to get an appointment with the asthma nurse for 2 weeks. So I am not sure what to do.

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If you are in the UK why not either ask your local pharmacist or get a callback from a nurse or doctor. These are often much easier to get than an appointment! x

I’m on Symbicort 200/6 and have been for about 2.5 years. I am on SMART regime. I can take up to 12 doses in 24 hours if I am ill. I never have, though when seriously unwell I have crept up to eight. So I don’t think you need worry about the quantity per se. But you don’t feel well on it, and that is a different matter. Maybe once you are over this episode you need a review of your medications? I don’t get your side effects.

I have no medical qualifications but note in the NICE description of Formoterol (bnf.nice.org.uk) the maximum adult dose for chronic asthma is 72mcg daily. That's how I read it. I must admit to not knowing previously that there is a daily maximum dose. My inhaler gives 9mcg per use which is 9x4 =36 a day. I have often doubled up on this dose and probably had more than 72mcg a day. It should be noted that I am 6'7" tall and have long lungs - according to a radiologist they can't get my lungs on one X-ray plate.

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