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Allergic asthma

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How soon after a trigger do you show symptoms?

I found out from a blood test that I have a high allergic reaction to dust mites. The weird thing is I can wipe up dust and vacuum without as much as a sneeze. But I’ll get short of breath while I’m driving in my car. Is this a delayed reacting to the dust or can you have a high allergic reaction without symptoms?

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi yes you can have delayed allergic reactions, however if dust is the issue it can be really difficult to avoid/work out the cause! Sometimes I react quickly (like if I go into the loft/a very dusty place!) or it will slowly build (if I dust my selves etc) at which point I have to work out that the cause was 😅. An allergy doesn’t mean you have to sneeze either - most of mine trigger my asthma and/or gives me hives.

If you usually get asthma-ry in the car (not sure if this is the case or not) try cleaning out your fans/air filters - it’s amazing how much of a dust trap they are! Also be aware that air-con could be an issue (it is for me 😞).

Plus don’t forget most asthma issues stem from multiple triggers all at once ie stress and cold weather and dust etc etc (or multiple allergies at once!). If you only had say a dust trigger occurring then you may not become too symptomatic, however if it’s you’re worse trigger it may be enough to set you off (hopefully this makes sense 😅)

Also allergy tests can show differences; on blood test I was most allergic to dust, on skin test it was grass, some allergy showed up on bloods but not in skin etc etc.

Hope that helps (and isn’t too confusing!) x

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Beefull8 in reply to EmmaF91

Thank you! That was so helpful. I’ve had skin tests and blood tests and both confirm high allergic reactions only to dust. I’ve cleaned both of my cars and changed the filter and bought an air filters for two rooms, have covers for all of my pillows and sheets. It’s weird how I’ll have shortness of breath at a restaurant or shopping center but not at a hotel. Those artificial fragrances and smoke seem to bother me more than dust. I spent a whole night at a house full of dust but didn’t seem to have that bad reaction as I did eating at a restaurant outdoors.

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strongmouse in reply to Beefull8

Smoke and fragrances won't show up on allergen tests. Strictly speaking they are not allergens as they don't cause and IgE reaction, but your lungs can react to them. A hotel might have airccondition? Fragrances can make me feel really ill and diesel and petrol fumes.

Both you too above sounds exactly like me. Highly allergic to house dust mite in IGe test. Reacts to strong smells such as perfume and petrol too. Glad to find someone like me too. My old asthma nurse said I had allergic asthma 3 yes before testing. Just shows what 20 yr experience does for you. Miss her still. Knowing your enemy is half the battle.b

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Beefull8 in reply to elanaoali

Have you heard of multiple chemical sensitivities? I wonder if it’s whats causing some of these reactions to smells. I’ve always been sensitive to smells since I was a kid but never had any breathing problems until April this year when I caught a stomach virus. Now I can barely walk into a shopping center without being offended by candles and restaurant smoke.

It depends on what and how much

I'm allergic to dust too

I emptied the bin on the hoover and gave myself allergic rhinitis... the dust did blow in my face as I was emptying it into the bin outside... That happened within hours

I've also dusted the while house from top to bottom and hovered up (hepa filter hoover) and suffered the day after with breathing difficulties

I also take a prescription anti histamine daily... I didn't realise how much I really had been suffering with dust allergies until I started on fexofenadine

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elanaoali in reply to Chip_y2kuk

I am on monkelaust 10mg. Try damp dusting wet micro cloth. Tip from when I was training to be a nursery nurse.

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to elanaoali

Me too as well as Fexofenadine 180.. I usually do damp dust but sometimes when your doing the corners the fluffy static duster is better for getting Into the hard to reach places

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elanaoali in reply to Chip_y2kuk

I agree it can be hard to reach some places. I have a dyson vacuum cleaner saving up for the extra parts for it.

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to elanaoali

We've got a cordless Dyson and I'm not feeble but the dammn thing is heavy at that sort of angle and still only runs for 20 mins

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elanaoali in reply to Chip_y2kuk

My dad bought my mum one she didn't like as you guess it too heavy. Mine is a small roll ball. My only complaint is that you have to empty alot.

There is a very important thing to understand and that is dust and dust mites are completely different things.

You can have a dusty hose but a low dust mite count and a dusty free house with a high dust mite count.

Dust mites live in soft furnishings and carpet.

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Beefull8 in reply to

Thank you so much for explaining the difference! Maybe that’s why I have trouble sitting in the living room near my rug.

in reply to Beefull8

It normally takes about 1-2 hours for my breathing to be affected from dust mites, my nose runs and I sneeze also (but not everyone will have these symptoms).

I have removed all carpets and soft furnishing, leather sofas no cushions etc, and vacuum a lot with hepa filter cleaners ( I do still have a rug :-) ).

My bedroom has no carpet and bedding and pillows has anti mite covers.

This has made a huge difference to my asthma, I only use my inhalers if I am staying/visiting somewhere.

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Beefull8 in reply to

That’s great! I’ve done a lot of similar things. Not sure if it’s the medications or all the things I’ve done. It’s helped so that I’m much better than I was in April where I was gasping to talk but it hasn’t fully gone away. Only when I’m in nature I can breathe continuously. It feels hard to pinpoint then. Because if you get triggered an hour later how do you always know it’s from dust mites?

Has anyone tried Odactra? It’s supposed to help with allergic reaction to dust mites.

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