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Trip to iceland with asthma and copd

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Hi I'm looking for advice. I'm off to Iceland at the end of the month, a present bought for me for a big birthday next year and something to strike off my bucket list ( The Northern Lights) I'm now starting to worry as other trips are involved also like the golden circle and this fills me with dread. I have asthma and copd and deal with it most of the time and can walk on on flat no problem but not sure what this golden circle involves??? Looks likes mega banks to me on pictures. I won't do anything that makes me unwell i know how far I can push myself but thought maybe some of you have been and can offer advice. I bought a pocket nebulizer just in case and always carry ventolin inhaler everywhere. Help would be appreciated.😄

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Hi spikedog66

I went to Norway a couple of years ago on a cruise. Now the cruise itself was horrid as the germs swept through the ship like wildfire and I ended up with a partial collapse of my lung 🙄

However, that aside I think there’s a couple of things:-

How your asthma copes in the cold? Wear a scarf round your mouth.

Keep warm

Make sure you’ve got a rescue pack with you.

I didn’t do the Golden Circle so don’t know what it entails, but suggest you contact trip guides and tell them u can’t walk far.

The Northern Lights (if you see them) will take your breath away - but in the nicest possible way!

Good luck and enjoy every minute!

Liz x

That sounds awful the cruise is off the bucket list!! I live up north and used to the cold but it does exacerbate chest issues when very cold despite scarves thermals etc. I will just have to hope I'm ok and do the best I can. If we miss the lights the first night they take you again and she booked an extra night to stay on top just in case, so if I don't see them in a weeks trip it's not meant to be and won't be going back. My chest is deteriorating and don't think I will be well enough to tackle this kind of holiday again. Thanks for your reply and best wishes.😁

Well I wish you luck & happiness.


Oh and as for the cruise - that was just MY experience! Go for a hot weather cruise maybe??


I will. Thanks again. Can I ask what a rescue pack is? My GP used to give antibiotics as a rescue pack but stopped many years ago. 😁

It’s steroids and antibiotics x

I lived in Northern Norway for three years and to be frank felt really good. When the temperature dropped below zero which was often I'd cover my face with a scarf which most Norwegian folk did most of the time. The clean fresh air is really invigorating. D

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I agree. Before the bug caught hold I loved Norway.

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How were you in Norway in the summer? Just curious. I do better in dry conditions but the heat kills me. I wish I could find somewhere cool and dry. :-)

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Fine. The air is still lovely and clean and gets better the higher up you go. I lived in Tromso however visited other towns such as Narvik and Alta. I was on one ventolin a month. Now it's two at 66 to. I was a DJ for decades and the smoky clubs were even ok. D

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Thanks. Sounds perfect! Maybe someday I will be able to afford to move. x

Hi - I went to Iceland last December and was also worried. We did the Golden Circle on a coach trip and you can do as much or as little walking as you are able. I didn't do much but still saw everything. It was mild and damp when I was there but no worse than England! We also went out twice to see the Northern Lights and didn't see them, but I was fine with my breathing. Have a fantastic time and hopefully it will not be too cold.

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Spikedog66 in reply to WHUGIRL

Hi thanks for the info. Most walking on the flat ok. I see an incline and start to wheeze and get breathless that's the main worry. I'm going with my very fit daughter and she pushes me to the limit really. Just got over a broken leg and ankle and she had me in the salt mines in krakow, managed just!! She has seen me very poorly with pneumonia etc and does understand but tells me live life to the full she could be dead before me. Lol. You have put my mind at rest thankyou. 😁

I am envious! Sounds like a great trip! As long as you take precautions you should be fine. Know your limits and go prepared. I hope you get to see the northern lights. xxx

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Spikedog66 in reply to emmasue

I do hope we are lucky enough to see the lights we will be disappointed if we dont, so fingers crossed. Whale watching too let's hope they don't hide also.😁

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emmasue in reply to Spikedog66

I went whale watching once in Cape Cod. It was amazing. We saw a Killer whale in the bay. It surfaced right next to the boat! But then we went out in the open sea, I got really seasick. :-P

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Spikedog66 in reply to emmasue

Will take seasick pills along with all the other meds..need an extra case!!! Lol. You seem to have children go to Florida instead no bother with chest there.😁

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