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I started to look into Ayurveda a few years back .. I have started trying other ways of dealing with my lungs and health issues looking into other countries might deal with asthma problems like India .. I found they use a lot of spices and herbs.for health issues... .. What are your go to spices and herbs just interested in what other people might do... I started this because every drug they give me needs another drug to deal with side effects...... There are no side effects with herbs and spices .... One of my go two recipes for a cold....... Chicken broth with carrots turnip four onions garlic black pepper and salt celery Perl barely .... Your nose will run and it moves the mucus a women from italy told me years ago about doing this for her family when they get a cold ... I use for a cold and sinus infection .. I made it for my family when they caught a cold and my kids were never on antibotics..... Some times we need to think outside of the drug industry to make ourselves better.... taking drugs all the time isn't good on our body....Every side effect you'll get after long term drug use.... Pharma told me that one.... What is your go to herb or spices .......

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I buy Yogi tea which is supposedly Ayurvedic medicine, there are different teas for different health benefits like breathe deep, stomach ease, choco (not sure what that's supposed to heal but it tastes good!) At one time I used to brew my own tea in large batches copying the ingredients from the tea, it did seem to help my breathing. I haven't made it recently though. There is a lot of ancient wisdom in spices.

One that I like is turmeric and ginger lemon and honey... If my lungs are acting up I drink at least eight cups a day..

What’s the recipe for that? I’ve just caught a cold and coughing. I put tumeric honey in hot coconut milk. It was so soothing and helped me sleep. I still have the cold and cough this morning though. Do you have any remedies for vegetarians?

Don't use the chicken just use lots of onion garlic turnip and onions .. The same as vegetable soup... What gets your mucus moving is the garlic and onion .. I will put in three large onion and four gloves .. Your spices you like... plus I like to add curry .. Hope your feeling better soon...

Although strong asthma sufferers have no alternative but to use pharmaceutical drugs to survive, these drugs create dangerous side effects and a dependency.

I have been pushed by my GP to take steroids to stop my constant coughing (CVA). Instead I have modified my diet (adding ginger, cayenne pepper, thyme etc) and I fast on a regular basis. Fasting helps the body heals itself and increases immunity. I also take N. Acetyl Cysteine and zinc, exercise more and practice mindfulness.

Since then my coughing has disappeared or has been only occasional (a few extra days of coughing after a cold for example). If I cough, I have found that thyme losenges (Bronchostop, found at Boots) stop me coughing immediately.

I understand that this may have worked for me but would be totally inadequate for serious cases of asthma. I am not a doctor, and I may be lucky to only be mildly affected.

However, asthma is an old disease and I am surprised that not more radical solutions have been found by the medical industry over the years. The same costly drugs are offered over and over again, and even after years of a captive testing ground, asthma is not always well controlled by patients, who are totally dependent on the drugs. Why is this still happening ?

In Germany and a few other countries they use alternitive before giving out drugs... In Canada we go for the drugs .. I started using turmeric and ginger slice and lemon honey.... I drink at least eight cups a day when my lungs are in a flare up... I have been looking into fasting as a form of healing... . In the end its better to go alternitvie and a change of life style then drugs when all else fails.... You sound like your on the wright track...

I definitely recommend the fasting approach as part of a “get well plan” which boosts immunities. In Germany, doctor-supervised fasting is one of the methods which their health system recommend for a number of ailments with great success. It is effective and also costs less to society than the expensive drugs which are pushed forward by pharmaceutical companies.

I wish this had been offered to me as an option in the UK instead of being handed a prescription for steroids. It seems that once on steroids, there is no way back.

By the way. I should change my pseudo. “Chroniccough” is not a relevant descriptive any more. My present approach has been working for me for more han a year now. I hope it will stay the course and I can avoid getting onto the drugs bandwagon in the future.

When the flare up starts I use teas like turmeric and honey ginger... Cut out sugars high carb foods mucus forming foods... It does help ...

I watched this documentary on India.. spices are a big part of there lives .. Was a interesting watch....There is a good watch on Aryuveda on youtube if you get the chance look it up....

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