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Chest xray


I’m new to all this but found it helps talking to people who are in same situation as myself. I’m 27 and had asthma ever since I can remember. As far as I can think I’ve had infections and antibiotics and steroids at least once a year since I was young. A couple year ago I had a small case of pneumonia although I had no X-ray then, this year I’ve had 3 infections and signs of pneumonia but caught it early with strong antibiotics. I finally talked my Gp into sending me for a X-ray which is this morning but I am so scared of the results. I don’t think my asthma has been very controlled or looked at properly over the years and I’m worried this has caused damage to my insides. I’m a wreak and just wanted to hear some of your experiences or if you have had the same and now have different medication which has helped

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A normal x-ray won't show up most lung damage; they tend to use it to look for other problems. The kind of test that identifies airway damage or other microscopic problems is a CT Scan. Your x-ray will tell the doctors if there's an obvious problem, such as pneumonia or a major infection though, so that will help you.

Obviously, long-term asthma does put a strain on your airways which can over time manifest itself in conditions like bronchiectasis, but that's probably the next step in terms of getting to the root of your troubles.

I didn't get any sort of half-decent asthma treatment until my late-20s, & I have paid a bit of a price in terms of complications, but the x-rays/scans/blood tests, etc. have all really helped me, taught me a lot about my lungs & yes, added in no small quantity to my daily medication but overall I think that if you can get to the bottom of things now, you'll get the right treatment to both turn things around & prevent any longer-term issues.

Good luck & let us know how it goes :)

Becsue91 in reply to Minushabens

Thanks for your reply, do you think if I ask for a ct they would consider giving me one? I have always suffered bad asthma but since the pneumonia I have had several chest infections each year I just want my breathing to be controlled and if there is any damage for it to be monitored and to stop anymore from happening. I’ve got two small children at home and the more I get older the more I worry about if anything was to happen to me I’m such a worrier but I don’t think seriousness of asthma is recognised much , especially by my doctors.

Minushabens in reply to Becsue91

I suppose you need to see what the outcome of this one is - if it's not particularly conclusive or helpful, then yes I'd suggest looking into things further (your GP might be thinking along these lines anyway).

Try not to worry too much. I have been through the same as you and no one has mentioned any damage yet and I am 41 now! It's only in the last two years that my asthma has been better controlled and I still had flu in March and a chest infection now. I still think I am healthier than before. Just keep up with your doctors and asthma nurses to find the best course of treatment. We can't control what the future will bring but we can try to take control now. But asthma is not an easy disease to treat so try not to be hard on yourself. Take care and hope all goes well. x

Hopefully you've had your X-Ray by now - the worst bit of which will have been the waiting around, and the shock of having to press up close, shirtless, to one of those big cold X-Ray heads - while the radiographer hides in another room!

It's easy to get carried along on a wave of pessimism, especially if you consult good old Dr Google. And asthma can and does have a tendency to make you feel isolated and low. But let's consider the facts. You say that you've had regular courses steroids and antibiotics, and have been treated for pneumonia. Me too. You say that you're asthma doesn't feel well controlled. Yep, been there done that. It sounds as though your GP was a bit reluctant to order an X-Ray - there's a good reason for that. X-Rays and scans are not without risk, and so the benefit has to outweigh the risk, otherwise an X-Ray or scan shouldn't be done. I'll be 60 next birthday, and I do have evidence of some damage to the tissue of my left lung, but I get up every morning, go to work, walk the dog, go on holiday - in fact live a completely normal life, and am looking forward to many more years of happy days, interspersed with the inevitable odd bit of wheeziness, and who knows, maybe even some more blue light rides. But I can completely understand how you feel, both physically and emotionally / mentally. I'd really recommend that you give Asthma UK a ring and speak with one of the Nurses there. They are brilliant. They know asthma inside out, and have much more time to listen to you than does even the most dedicated GP.

But most of all, don't worry. You'll be fine.

Thank use for your comments, had the xray got to wait 10 days for results worse part! I think I’ve just worked myself up with the help of google. I don’t think I’ve ever thought or realised how serious asthma can be and also since i started driving couple year back I don’t think I’ve been as fit as I used to, so going to sort my lifestyle out abit as my first step, also this may be help to others too but my father has also been a asthma sufferer for years and he also smoked in the past but has been stopped over 10 years anyways he has recently started up a healthy balanced diet and has been using steam rooms and saunas for the past few months and has just been took off all his inhalers so that’s another thing I am going To do. I’m glad I joined this group although I wouldn’t wish anyone to have asthma it’s comforting to know and read about people who are going through the same , thank use x


Hi Becsue91

if you've got more questions, do post them here, you can also give the Asthma UK nurse team a call on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) to talk through how you're feeling and medications. Your asthma can change over time, or it can be triggered more suddenly by certain factors such as pneumonia.

Take care,


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