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Severe attack


Severe allergy attack a few days ago,treated for anaphylaxis, IV hydrocortisone, oxygen nebuliser, 2 X epipherine, bolus and chlorphenamine. Overnight observation, fit to go next day. Sent home with chlorphenamine and budesonide/formoterol. Instant reaction to the steroids pain in elbows, feeling of lump on throat and scratchy sensation, difficulty swallowing and wheeze, feeling very drowsy, like lungs on fire and very heavy, BP down from my normal 150/90 average to 121/70. I have been prescribed an epi pen and wonder how long I should wait to use it. I don't want to use it unnecessarily as I gather it raises blood pressure and as my blood pressure is stable at an acceptable range will I be ok even though it is a more than 20 drop from normal? The worst part is when I can't move out of bed or talk much, my voice is hoarse and starts to fade if I talk or project my voice too much. Mum visited and is hard of hearing and asks a lot of questions but I just had to give up answering because she couldn't hear me and was getting irritated. Feeling down because on top of this I'm very itchy and can't sleep except when I think I lose consciousness at which point I can't take my body reading. But it feels like when my diastolic went down to 30 in hospital and I had 4 medics round me...very scary. I'm ok at the moment but feel on edge at whether it's going to happen again.

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LaurieRose, I hope that you got to talk to a doctor or a medical person (see your post was 2 days ago) as it sounds difficult for you to know what is best for you. With allergies if in doubt call out of hours or emergency service for advice. You need to ask for clear guidance on when to take epipen and what to do.

NHS guidelines on anaphylaxsis (severe allergic reaction) -

Thank you I've read up now and feeling lot better than I was. O think the anxiety of it happening again can make it worse. I had another attack but not as bad and I've come through it. I trust that if I go unconscious someone will be there in time and they have been informed what to do.


I’m not medically qualified but 120/70 is typically the kind of blood pressure reading many folks would be delighted with. 120/60 would (again - generally) be considered even better. Most healthy people are often in that range. I emphasise that this is a ‘general’ statement, and do not know if the big drop from the normal level you quoted is significant, but 150/90 is normally considered at least prehypertensive if not hypertensive and requiring monitoring or (in some cases) treatment.

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Thanks. It's under control now, just mornings difficult but I come round after a few hours. Thanks for your help.

Do you know what you are allergic to? Allergy UK have information on anaphylaxis and managing it and a helpline

Several things on this occasion its thought it was from the air coming out of t he tower fan which had been in an environment with a cat and a dog. it was on when I got home and I had an instant reaction when I walked in the room and the next day the wheezing got worse. It was suggested I may have a gluten allergy or nut allergy as when I was in bed at the hospital a nut fell out near me which was quite strange. Anyway my mu is paying for me to have allergy testing as the NHS didnt offer them, just suggested I had it done. The steroid inhaler makes me sneeze as soon as I have taken it and itches the back of my throat which feels it is swelling at the same time but my lungs feel clearer and I'm only wheezing a little bit when I lay down at the end of the day. I think keeping calm and not worrying, just going with the flow actually helps it not get so bad.

thanks I will look on the link

happy healthy wishes

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