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Muscle pains on change of Asthma Reliever


Hi I'm new here. My story is that I was originally diagnosed as asthmatic when I presented with an uncontrollable cough. Many years and many tests later it transpires that I actually suffer from bronchiectasis and acid reflux. Exercises prescribed for the former (no other cure) and omeprozole for the latter bringing it more or less under control. However I believe I also have an allergic reaction to fine hairs (even my own on haircut day) and I am still taking (a much reduced dose of) asthma preventer. This has recently been changed from Seretide 50 to Clenil Modulite 50. This was back in March and for the last three months or so I have been suffering from extreme muscle pains which have gradually worsened and travelled up my body. I suspected it was withdrawal symptoms from the Seretide but now think it might be a reaction to the Clenil. Or something else entirely. Does this ring any bells?

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Yes it does... I get these pains when my peak flow drops and I start to struggle to breathe slightly in my case it's the accessory muscles making the lungs work.... But the accessory muscles tire and ache quickly

Also the steroid in seretide is fluticasone and the steroid in clenil is beclomethasone and can take 3-4 weeks to start to take noticeable effect

BarrieB in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear you’re a fellow sufferer. Looks like your pains are linked directly to your to asthma. Mine are sudden and it’s hard to think it’s not linked to the change of medication in some way. I wonder whether the relatively high dose of seretide has been hiding some underlying problem until now. I’ve arranged to see our arches and pains specialist GP and then the asthma nurse so hopefully something will emerge.

Chip_y2kuk in reply to BarrieB

I had heart tests, chest ct, various other things... I got fed up of being poked proded and xrayed in the end before they where sure the aches and pains where linked to asthma... taking max dose of preventer makes it go away

In your case it could be some bronchospasm/airway constriction because seretide has salmeterol in it but clenil doesn't??

BarrieB in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Saw the physio today and at least ruled out any physical muscular issues. Can’t see the normal GP until 14th. As my problem is pain in all my muscles really it may not be linked to asthma at all.

BarrieB in reply to BarrieB

Latest surprising update. Muscle pains have now been diagnosed following blood tests by my GP. I have Poly Myalgia Rheumatica and possibly Lateral Arteritis. The former is entirely responsible for the muscle pains which disappeared overnight when I started taking steroid tablets Prednisolone at high dosage. The Lateral Arteritis is more worrying as can cause blindness and I’m awaiting a biopsie to get confirmation. I still think it is a bit of a coincidence that the symptoms only appeared after changing my inhaler but at least the diagnosis looks correct and the medication has dramatically improved my condition even the general aches and pains I had before the muscle spasms. Feeling good noe except for a sudden onset of tiredness and very pronounced lack of sleep. Overall good news I suppose.

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