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Asthma and air-conditioning - mask?


Every summer I struggle to breath at work due to the cold air pumped out by my organisation's air-conditioning. I am not sat near a vent, but the air in general is very cold. I also have perennial rhinitis (treated with mometasone furoate) and hay-fever treated with anti-histamines. Is there a there a mask I can buy to warm up the the air I breath in? At the moment I'm sat in the office with a scarf wrapped around my face bandanna-style and getting odd looks from my colleagues.

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Lucy is it the cold air or are you reacting to the air conditioning itself? If it is the cold air I have no idea what might help.

However, air conditioning units can cause problems from dust / dust mites / or mould if they are not cleaned and filtered properly. Ask the maintenance department what type of air-conditioning it is and how often it is checked. (This is important under normal health and safety guidelines). In which case an anti-allergen mask would help, as would a proper air conditioning unit which is regularly maintained. My son has recently been diagnosed with dust mite allergy and his work environment is possibly aggravating his symptoms. However, I know that cold air can make asthma worse and I have no idea what might help you. Sorry. It is difficult at work where we can't control the environment.

Every Organisation has a Duty of Care to look after the Well-being of its employees. They are legally obliged to. Ask HE or H&S or Estates to turn the Air com up so it is comfortable for you. Share information with them that shows the link between asthma and cold air. Good luck.

HI did you find anything to help when breathing in cold air

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