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Spirometry testing

Hi everyone could I ask if anyone know about spirometry testing. I am newly asthmatic on Brown qvar 100 and salbutamol. Period of being ill x 3 viruses and several hospital attendances ended up having steroid tabs, several misdiagnoses including costochronditis and anxiety and a change of gp!! I didn't have spirometry testing in hospital as stated I was too ill to do it!! Butbthen said i had 'mild asthma' as pf was only done 3 hours after i got there from.urgent care!! Sat down for all the time And was 390!! I am normally fit and at gym 3 times per week prior to november when became ill!! Now having spirometry next week but told this am no reversibility on test and info states to still take inhalers??? What's the reason for no reversibity? Is it as they have already seen improvement in pf after taking inhaler on recorded pf so far? What's the reason for taking my inhalers as normal there doesn't seem any point in doing it??!!! Questions questions!!

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Hi Prestart55

Welcome to the forum. Spirometry is a breathing or ‘lung function’ test. It’s one of the most common tests people with asthma, or people who are being tested for asthma, are given.

A spirometer measures how much air you can breathe out. By comparing your results to measurements that are considered ‘normal’, your GP or asthma nurse can work out if the amount of air you’re able to breathe out is less than the expected range for your age, height and ethnicity. The test shows if your airways are narrow or inflamed.

For best results, it’s usually done before you start taking any preventer medicine so they might want to retest once you've been taking your inhalers for a while or change your inhaler dosage.

This test can also help your healthcare team see if your symptoms might be caused by another lung condition.

Do give the Asthma UK nurse team a call on 0300 222 5800 to chat it through a bit further,

Take care,



Hi basically asthma with the right meds is reversible. Other conditions like copd aren't. This are progressive diseases and the meds help with the breathing but does not improve your lung function which does deterioate in time.

You can learn to make the best of your lung function by eating healthly, not smoking, and exercising. x

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You need to stay on the steroid inhaler because it acts as a preventative and if you come off it your lungs will get worse. I have been on Qvar for a number of years but I am told that it is being discontinued in Ireland and also Fossil by other inhaler. I have been on those 2 for 21 years so I don't know What I am going to do.

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Thankyou for the replies I think I will phone asthma nurses hopefully they can give good advice!!

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