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Could this be an ibuprofen sensitivity?

Hi, I have had asthma since about 12/13years old and I'm now late 30's and have never had any problems with taking ibuprofen before. At Christmas I was ill with a really bad cold, and barely managed to keep it from settling on my chest. I upped my steroids and used reliever when needed too. I did develop a bad cough but not quite as bad as when I've needed prednisalone. I've continued to cough a little since the cold which is normal for me, Coughs seem to last ages on me. I had some ibuprofen three days ago for back and shoulder pain and my cough has come back worse. It feels quite dry and is now affecting my voice. Yesterday evening I had to whisper as my voice was totally going. Does anyone know whether this is how they realised they were now sensitive to ibuprofen or do you think it may just be coincidence?

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Ibuprofen does trigger asthma and might make you cough because it has brought on an asthma attack , but as far as I know it does not produce the symptoms you describe in its own right .


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