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Asthma affecting studies


Has anyone else’s asthma affected their studies?

I’m currently in my first year of my postgraduate studies as a student nurse. Since moving to London back in September I’ve had 6 hospital admissions for my asthma and other trips to A&E.

They’ve since tried changing my medications and we’re working together to keep my symptoms under control as much as possible.

I only got out of hospital the day before my exam and as a result my head was all over the place. I’m now going to have to resist this exam.

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I had bad asthma as a student (1970s) although no hospital admissions. My tutors were aware and sympathetic. My son is at university, also a severe asthmatic but on the whole coping. His tutors are aware and again sympathetic.

Have you considered taking a break from your studies? Postgrad is very stressful and maybe not helping your asthma.

Sorry, no real help but sympathy. Good luck and I do hope things improve for you.


Hi Jems1995

You're definitely not alone, sorry to hear your asthma has been so bad over the past few months. Have you talked to your tutors about your asthma? They may be able to help devise a plan to manage your studies and asthma. You can also get support from university welfare support or student support services if you need it.

Do call the Asthma UK nurse team to chat through your asthma and symptoms. They can be reached on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5)

Take care,


Dita’s reply reminded me of something. Are you registered as ‘disabled’ with your educational establishment? My student son is at his university and he has access to welfare support and the college Disability Officer. The latter has been very helpful.

Hello, I am a postgrad PhD student (part-time) with severe asthma and I also work for student support services, mostly with students who have dyslexia or autistic spectrum conditions, but also with students who have other needs like visual impairments or mobility challenges.

It is certainly very difficult managing at times when you have any chronic health issue. I would suggest you think about applying for Disabled Students Allowance. This can offer a range of different types of support depending on your needs and how they impact on your studies. For example, if you had difficulties travelling due to being housebound with asthma, it might help you by providing money for taxis, or assistive technologies that can help you study away from Uni. If you have difficulties concentrating because of medication side effects or managing routines, you could receive help from a mentor who can help you to manage time more effectively or organise your study resources so that you can work more effectively and liase with your departmental tutors if you need extra time,

All the best.

I’m a student in first year and my asthma has also gotten much worse over the past few months, because I am an art student, I have to use facilities such as the workshop, metal and clay as well as being in a dusty paint filled environment... this effects my studies because I can’t actually do these things or use these facilities.. which seriously concernes me on how I will manage to do my degree, all i can do is hope it improves !

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