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Has your asthma got worse with flu?

Hi everyone,

We're looking to chat to people who have had dreaded flu recently and felt their asthma get a lot worse with it.

If you are willing to talk with our media team and share your experience (photo and potentially talk to the media), please reply to this thread or email Hannah on hjowett@asthma.org.uk to find out how you can help.



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Hi Dora, yep my asthma totally exacerbated by flu. Admitted for 11 nights. First time in many many years. Not had flu before. Been home 6 days on new meds and still get breathless. Normally very well controlled with preventer and hardly any need for ventolin.


Hi dita! My asthma is worse because of flu from almost months. I've been feadup of medicines but no use.


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