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Pred - the side effects

I have been on Prednisilone pretty much constantly for the last two and a half years due to eosiniphilic asthma.

I am well aware of the side effects but these have to be balanced against quality of life.

Lately I have started to suffer discomfort in my back (the centre) and I have itching in the same place between the shoulder blades.

I have asked my GP about bone tests - I was advised that now I am in the hands of a specialist it would be for them to arrange.

I fear that the steroid use is now catching up with me.

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I have been on for considerable longer, every couple of years I have a bone density scan, but what the h#ll I'm still alive.


Have your bones been affected?


You should have a dexa bone scan if you are on long term Prednisolone and depending on the results you should take calcium supplements. In fact, you could buy Adcal from any pharmacist and start it now if you think you need calcium.


Yes no quite complete brittle bones, I have got osteopenious, (I am unable spell it sorry cos that just looks rude), not quite osteoporosis, and on my last scan it was only deteriorating slowly, I am taking allendronic acid tablets 70mg weekly.

Hope that helps


I have osteopenia too and am on Adcal, which also contains vitamin D and was on alendronic acid for a year. I think exercise is important too to keep your bones strong. I asked my consultant to send me for a dexa scan when put on regular Prednisolone.

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What is the difference between Adcal and Allendronic, the later are like horse tablets. (I would imagine!)


Adcal tablets are chewable calcium tablets which also have Vitamin D in. I used to have Accrete D3 which are the same formula but are swallowed whole. I just prefer the chewable ones. The Dr. prescribed them for me after the results of the bone scan. The Alendronic acid was also prescribed for me. It has a different action and is taken once a week. There are strict instructions about taking it, it has to be taken with a whole glass of tap water 30minutes before any food or other medication and you have to stay upright for at least an hour afterwards.

I gave up taking the Alendronic since I couldn't take it safely, (admission to hospital) so just take two Adcal per day now. Hope this makes sense!

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Thank you spelling it correctly, weight bearing exercise is very important, thanks for pointing that out

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I have been on steroids for over 10 years now. My consultant sends me for a bone density scan every couple of years. I try to eat well and exercise. As others have said weight bearing exercise is best. I hve hand weights and a kettle bell. There are loads of exercises on youtube to use. I do get aches and pains but my bones scans have always been good. So I'm not on any calcium suppliments.


If you have eosinophil I Asthma a new drug

called NUCALA is available.

It has antibodies to surpress eosinophils.

Recommended by NICE

Only problem is that it cost approx 22,000

sterling per annum

This drug will help you to reduce or eliminating

your maintenance dose of steroids

Convince your consultant that you need it

Free on the NHS !!


I started it three weeks ago.


Would be interested of hearing about your progress on this new drug in a few months time when you had 3/4 injections

Do you have eosinophilic asthma?

I am waiting for the drug to come to Ireland


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