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4 yrs, Montelukast side affects even with short courses. Any help?

My LG is 4, usually has several hospital admission each year plus up to 10 courses of oral steroids.

We tried Montelukast for 6 weeks when she was 18 months with good affect but terrible night terrors and mood swings.

Consultant asked us to try again but only to take at the first sign of illness eg runny nose, or generally seeming off.

Initially he said for 2 weeks after symptoms subside and then at our last appointment he said just take for the first 3 days.

She is generally well in the summer these days and only needed 2 lots, then as the weather changed she has had about 5 lots of 3 so far over winter.

We have found that she is almost depressed within 24 hours of taking the first tablet and for up to a week after. She's crying at the drop of a hat (even if she sees someone on tv crying) she has nightmares and is generally more anxious.

These tablets have kept her out of hospital since April 2017 which is un heard of for us and after having a very close call last Feb this is such a relief.

But I just hate seeing her suffering mentally. If it was the odd doses we could handle it but this amounts to at least 1 lot per month sometimes more.

Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received.

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How strange. My son used to have a lot of night terrors & never put it down to the montelukast. It was the one med that got his asthma completely controlled after being awful for years. He then completely outgrew asthma at the age of 7 or 8. He's 15 now & doesn't have asthma at all still. I'd ask to see a consultant for an opinion.


Apparently it's really common!

I'm so pleased ur soon has grown out of it ☺


Hi Mama-maria

Welcome to the forum. Is she on a preventer inhaler?

I'd suggest giving the Asthma UK nurse team a call to talk it through how she's feeling, they'll be able to provide support and advice on what to do. They can be reached on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5)

Take care,



Yeah she's on clenil modulite.

Thank you I'll call them now! X

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