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Asthma and chest infection


Hi everyone, first post here. I was diagnosed with mild asthma in late 20s and only ever needed a reliever inhaler occasionally for the first few years. Asthma worsened after having my son and last winter I was also given steroid inhaler. Two weeks ago I started to get flu-like symptoms (despite being vaccinated) - I stayed at home, rested etc and after a few days started to feel better. Then I seemed to worsen again and this time all chest related symptoms - coughing non stop, tight, sore chest, lots of phlegm....I can only assume a chest infection. I went to work a couple of days this week (I only work part-time so thought I could manage) and yesterday whilst there I had what felt like a bad asthma attack - couldn’t breathe for coughing, couldn’t take my inhaler correctly as I couldn’t hold my breath at all. It eventually subsided but gave me a fright as I’ve never had anything like it.

So my question is - do i now try to visit out of hours doctor over the weekend and what do I need - antibiotics, more asthma meds? I’ve put off going so far as I’ve thought it was just a viral infection and they couldn’t do much for it, but am now thinking I need to take it more seriously.

Thanks all!

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Sorry to hear you had such a fright xxxx I think the general rule of thumb at this point is YES go see your out of hours, GP, asthma can be unpredictable ... as you proberbly know he / she should check you chest for infection (just in case) may increase your steroid inhaler, give you a short dose of prednisalone , what ever the outcome, at this point best put your own mind at rest I would think xxxxx

kjs81 in reply to Kiiam

Thanks Kiiam, you’re right. I just always worry I’m wasting time :(

Kiiam in reply to kjs81

I no, think we all do, but I’ve left things too long, kjs81 , a few times, and regretted it xxxx most medics tell you to air on the side of caution, and i found i recover much more easily and quickly if I jump on things early, and generally I find most medics are understanding with people struggling with asthma xxx best of luck and hope you feel better very soon

I think I would as asthma can change very quickly if you are not on the right treatment and just a thought have you been given a spacer to take your inhalers through as you don’t have to hold your breath with this is just breathing in and letting the spacer do the work I would definitely ask for one if you don’t have one they are very good but you need to get the infection under control then I would book for an asthma check at your own docs for your peace of mind it seems to of been going on a long time so I always think if it’s been 4 weeks I go and get checked out just to be safe but I have been to intensive care 3 times so it’s worth getting checked out I hope this helps xx


Yes, see your GP.

Thanks all. Went to out of hours last night and apparently my chest sounds ok, he thinks my asthma has just been exacerbated by whatever viral thing I have going on, plus the really cold weather we’ve been having. Told me to follow up with my GP to discuss controlling my asthma better.

A spacer and a peak flow meter both sound like a good idea so I’m definitely going to ask for those!

Hi there. If you have any doubt, go get checked out. It has backfired on me a few times and then ended up in hospital. I went to the docs yesterday, as I have been coughing for days, my throat is inflamed and my peak flow had dropped from 350 to 250. I have been following my action plan but was worried about my peak flow. Anyway, the doc asked me if I was feeling breathless, which I was, so he checked my oxygen level which was 98%. That amazed me! And then he spent ages listening to my chest an then told me my chest was very clear, no wheezing or crackles at all. He just told me to double up on my preventer and obviously if anything changes come back. So I was feeling like death and coughing like a good one, my oxygen levels were good. He said that the throat symptoms were viral. Always check it out

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