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Do I need to see doc more urgently?

Hi there, new poster here! Have had mild asthma since 2014 w/ salbutamol only, then Clenil on and off since summer 2016 after a bout of viral pneumonia, had a course of prednisolone then.

I had a viral URTI in September 17 with a lingering cough which triggered my first proper asthma attack at the end of October 17, 111 sent ambulance out etc. Came quite out of the blue, worsening after coughing wasn't resolved by salbutamol. Wonder how much of it was hyperventilation due to panicking as it was my first attack. Anyway, was prescribed clenil again and another 5 day course of prednisolone. Seemed to clear it up and had a few weeks where I felt a lot better, not using my salbutamol at all. Have been religious about taking my clenil as prescribed. Caught a cold at the end of November (I am a student nurse and was doing a placement in A&E so kept catching bugs!) which resulted in a sinus infection. Was better by mid December but coughing has gotten progressively worse again, especially over the last few days. It's a chesty cough, but I have never had the typical asthmatic dry cough or wheeze, it's always presented chesty. Using salbutamol most days, sometimes several times in a day. Yesterday and today experiencing breathlessness and chest tightness, I am feeling really exhausted and have been told I look pale and have dark circles. However no wheeze. My peak flow (best ever is 450, sits between 390-430 normally, worst has been 310) is 410 tonight so not particularly low. I have a GP appointment booked for Friday coming, as I am currently at home from university for the holidays and don't return to uni until Wednesday. Does it sound like I can wait til then or shall I try and get an appointment tomorrow morning? So conscious of not making a fuss!

Sorry that's a bit long!

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Hi from your current history it sounds like you are really struggling and getting worse. Best advice and the good standard is asthma.org.uk/advice/manage...

Please read this and do make a fuss! I am good at not making a fuss so I know how you feel.

God bless


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