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Different inhaler

So I’m gonna see my gp in about a weeks time about everything that’s been going on (see other posts) , should I be asking for a different inhaler ? I’m taking beclometasone 4 times a day, and it doesn’t seem to work for me;

I was having real bad asthma symptoms about two months ago which is when I went to gp and he put me on steroids and this inhaler, it helped from taking my blue 6-8 times a day to 3-4 times a week, but still not a full effect, then coming home for Christmas I suffered an attack which I should have gone to a&e for, since I’ve been taking inhalers back up to 6-8 times a day, peak flow from 430 to 250-300 ish

So when I go to my gp should I be asking for a different inhaler? Or steroids? I’m not sure what to do

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I'd start with just telling him everything, especially the attacks over Christmas and what you have posted here about what the steroid inhaler has done ie helping then not helping, the effect on your Ventolin use and your peak flow, and see what he thinks. If you have been measuring peak flow regularly then show him those measurements. If it's the one you mentioned on another post it seems like he will listen and may have a plan in mind - I suspect he will try a different inhaler as the one you are on doesn't seem to work that well especially given it is usually twice a day! He should also check inhaler technique.

Depending on how you are then he might want to give a short course of steroids if things haven't settled down. You may end up with an inhaler which includes a long-acting reliever as well as a steroid - there are quite a few of these out there now.

I would also tell him what your symptoms are and your worries about not wheezing, and ask for a plan. I think Asthma UK do a blank one you could take in and fill out. I think it would be really helpful for you to get some advice on when to go to A and E.and what to do before then when you're getting worse. The plan can be based on how you present personally and doesn't have to be just when peak flow is X do Y - my peak flow.is pretty useless as a guide so for me a plan shouldn't rely on that, and symptom-based personalised plans csn be just as effective. (There are studiez on this!).

I hope this helps a bit but I would strongly advise calling the Asthma UK nurses when they are back in the New Year. They are lovely and very helpful and should give you some useful tips on what to ask about and what to tell the GP.


Thank you very much! This has given me a lot of advice and given me a lot to think about


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