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Reccurent chest infection

Hi, I was diagnosed with asthma after I had pneumonia in the summer 2016...I didn’t thought is a big deal as I was having no symptoms, until this winter when i made chest infections one after other...is the 4th time now in the past 6 weeks...every time I need to take lots of antibiotics which many of them looks they make no difference ..and Prednisolone ...i started to get scared , to think at what is worse...I just finished now the course of clarithromycine and Prednisolone and still wheezing, pain in the lungs,left side shoulder pain , chest tightness , feeling tired, sweating in the night and so...has anyone experienced something similar? Thank you!

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Hi, I've had similar to you. Sorry it's horrible and annoying if all the tests and stuff come back fine. One thing I found that when chest pain got really bad the hospital prescribed me codeine. Which is also a cough suppressant. I think the idea is you take it for a few days to make your body rest (codeine really knocks you out !) And it also reduces coughing allowing your lungs to have a break. I'd say keep going back to your gp - don't give up ! Also if pain is bad go to a&e, at least they check you out there so you can be sure it's nothing worse.



I had something similar over 2 years ago. Started as a very heavy cold then went on to be recurrent chest infections. I had 4 courses of antibiotics and a course of Prednisilone over a 8 month period but nothing really cleared it completely. Nothing showed up on chest x-rays but the symptoms continued to some degree for over a year and with almost complete loss of sense of smell for that time too. I was starting to get pretty scared too as there seemed no end in sight. I was diagnosed with a sort of late onset asthma and have been on Clenil Modulite steroid inhaler since then. The good news is I have been pretty good for over a year now with my sense of smell/taste fully restored and a more or less clear chest most of the time. I hope your problem resolves quickly.

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Hi there

Same, ill last xmas with chest and this xmas too, chest infection (clarythrimycin) - steroids 2 weeks

I read that you are on clenil|? I wonder if this works better than seratide?

I think i will go back on that. The problem is you take so much ventolin you get dry and sore throat.


Asthmatics are more likely to have recurrent chest infections but I know having that many is awful!

Have they sent a sample away to check which antibiotics will work? Is your Peak flow dropping? If so, I'd probably seek out help rather than waiting!

Hope you feel better soon!


They said they need me to be off antibiotics for sputum test, so i suppose next time when I get sick before taking any antibiotics..the peace flow is dropping but not quite a lot.mine is around 400 normally and dropping to 350-370 when I have chest infection which again I am confused because no one told me how should it be ..everybody looks so calm like “everything will be all right “ even if i feel when my body send me “help” signals..with pneumonia was the same -today going to go-different one -telling me is good that I am coughing and sweating as my body is fighting ,next day admitted in hospital with pneumonia-I am just sick that every single time when I have chest infection I have to go 2-3times to A&E -long waiting times, out of ours GPs and on so they can finally give me something that works better...I’m so frustrated and don’t know what else to do and where to go..sorry for any writing mistakes.thank you for reading and answering.


Unfortunately, these infections are often a part of having asthma, and the story of repeated infections is one you'll see frequently on this site. However, the vast majority of people do get over them in the end. It helps if you have someone with you who is willing to fight for the right treatment as doing it yourself is so exhausting. If you don't have a consultant, you should try to get one as they have a bit more time to explain to you what is happening and know a lot more than a GP. You get to know which antibios work for you and which don't and in the end, you and your body learn how this works so you know what to expect, how long it might last and just be patient because the frustration and anger, whilst absolutely understandable, makes it worse.

This is a nasty time for you - been there so I do sympathise - and hope you are back on an even keel very soon.

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