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9yr old newly diagnosed

Hi, I'm new here due to my son recently being diagnosed with asthma. He also has a severe food allergy. My problem tonight is that he had a pretty bad cough, a slight temp and I'm not sure if he needs to be seen? As this is new to me I'm not sure when things are getting bad as I don't have any experience. His peak flow is normally 220, but for his height should be about 290. It doesn't ever get near this. At the moment he is sitting closer to 150. His inhalers have been increased but it's not making a difference? I do have a 3 day course of steroids here that he was prescribed before to take if he got worse which he didn't so I still have them. I'm unsure if I want to make the call to start giving him them though, would others get him checked tonight or sit it out till tomorrow? He hasn't ever had an 'attack' as such and is fairly happy in himself but tends to just get on with stuff and not let things stop him so hard to tell sometimes.

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My peak flow should be 627 and I normally blow about 570 so nowhere near where it should be

Coughing can be because asthma is flaring... there is a type of asthma called cough variant where they only really cough with not any other symptoms

I would try giving him some ventolin and see if it eases if it does its likely to be at least partly an asthma cough... viruses can make asthma worse and you said he had a slight temp

However his peak flow has dropped some 20+% which isn't good... at 25% drop the doctors always give me prednisolone (tablet steroids)


Hi lauraloubrown - It's been 12 hours since you posted so I hope you are all doing well! It is always hard to try to determine how someone else is doing. It will get easier to work out and don't worry about calling an ambulance or seeing a doctor. They are usually excellent and no one is concerned if it isn't needed, especially if it concerns a child - they are very understanding.


Hi, I've only just seen your post. Hoping your son is still okay and that the temperature didn't develop in to anything serious.

Things I found useful for my so: a humidifier in the home - trial and error depending how dry your home is, a vessel of water by a radiator may help . Avoid real dampness in case it's mould that triggers his symptoms. Extra pillows helped when he was having a hard time with coughing, wheezing and SOB.

Contact the online nurse to see if they have any leaflets specifically for children.

I was taught that in using inhalers (not the powder ones) to wait 30 seconds between each dose or the recipient only gets the propellant. My daughter was recently taught to do peak flows morning & evening, keeping a record when you're suspicious of exacerbation. If the flow drops it can be a sign of infection which will need attention.

There is a breathing technique, Buteyko (spelling?) which is supposed to be good for children with asthma. Wishing all the best. P

PS just noticed a link for butekyo on Saggitar's Qvar post below

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