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brittle asthma and preventing colds

Hello, my daughter age 11 has brittle asthma and every autumn and winter she catches colds that goes straight to her chest resulting in chest infection she is currently on

Seritide 250





Xolair injections every 2 weeks

Clarithromycin and pred at the mo for chest infection

My question is what can help her immune system? Anyone on low dose antibiotics?? We have clinic in 2 weeks what can i ask for ?

Thanks for reading

One stressed out mummy!!! X

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Hi Kimorasmum,

I don't know if you notice that there is a lot of health summits going online where doctors and scientist are having a webinar for several days for free. During that time, I usually record the audio version because I don't have a program to record the video. I have recorded several topics like autoimmune diseases, truth about cancer and more..... Of course after the free week summit...they ask you to support the cause. This one is called Immune Defense Summit. They talk about why our immune system and how to make it better and more. Its very educational. I'm not trying to sell you anything. Or affiliated with them. I just want to share if it could help. I have to be careful what link I share here because, my reply had been deleted before because I shared a product I ask someone to research or try.

Administrator informed of that....I forgot that this forum is linked to the Medical Pharma....I think. they don't want you to share something that there against off. If your interested in the health summit...message me and I will send it to you. I hope you daughter will fee better.


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Hi kimorasmum,

I had a quick chat with our in-house GP Dr Andy and he's given the following suggestions to talk to the consultant about:

Ask about the immune system…. Are any tests needed to check it’s working ok?

It's worth asking about Vitamin D as there's some evidence that treating deficiency can help prevent asthma attacks.

It's also worth checking whether a different form of inhaled steroid would have a lower risk for chest infections and seeing if your daughter qualifies for an alternative medicine to Xolair that might improve her severe asthma. Y might want to ask the question of specialist on prophylactic antibiotics (which were shown at a recent asthma conference (European Respiratory conference) to improve asthma in neutrophilic and eosinophilic asthma.

He's also mentioned making sure she has had the flu jab, pneumonia jab and that she's eating a balanced diet.

Hope that helps,



Hi there,

I do feel for you, it is so worrying when your child is unwell and you can't make it better. I have two suggestions.

The first is that you get her vitamin d levels checked, and if they are low get her to take a supplement. Or even an injection from the doctor. There is a lot of new research about Vitamin D levels and asthma attacks.

The second is to try and introduce pre and probiotics into her food, or even take a supplement. Also it is worth making sure that she is getting enough magnesium in her diet. There are tons of articles online about this.

Not all probiotics are equal, and the good ones are quite expensive, but I think they do make a big difference to the immune system. You need a pro-biotic with at least 10 strains of bacteria and 20 Billion Live cultures. If your GP is very savvy they should know which to choose, but mine and my consultant didn't have a clue which to buy, they just told me to take them. Don't buy them in large quantities as they need to be as fresh as possible.

Quite a lot of research is currently being done into gut health and childhood asthma. I don't have anything definitive to share with you, but it is something that could possibly help and certainly doesn't have a down side.

I don't know if any of this will make a difference, but it has to be worth a try.




I for one totally agree with you. From my own experience and my daughter's for her asthmatic daughter now 6. Probiotics are essential for keeping the gut flora healthy especially in rebuilding immune system. Yes, they're expensive but we consider them an investment in protecting delicate young lungs for the future. Of course our important antibiotics kill off all the good bacteria as well as the bad. Live yogurt is great for children we use an organic one 'in dark green pots', drop in some fresh fruit & they love it. Again, an investment in their health, at least through the winter months.



Brilliant stuff for immune which helped me immensely n even fights the bacteria. Go to iherb website try colostrum natural immoglobulins in it, immune renew which contains wild mushrooms brilliant at boosting immune n fighting bugs and lastly stabakized oxygen also kills bugs.

Iv had nonstop infections last two yrs if only id found this stuff sooner. Ill have in my press forevermore. Antibiotics have severely depleted my potassium im constantly on them n its made life a real uphill struggle to cut a long story short. This stuff works. Better than garlic or honey or any that. This stuff actually works!! Amazing.


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