Steroids and high blood glucose levels


Just had another course of Prednisolone for another exacerbation. During previous exacerbations I have tested by blood sugar and noted it to be higher. 8-10mmol/l.

This course was worse with highs after eating up to 15mmol/l. All back to normal now as soon as the course of steroids was completed.

Anyone else experience similar? What can be done about it?


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  • I get this all the time, I am on insulin and so I usually make minor adjustments to my dose. Check your bloods regularly, try to eat sensibly (and exercise if possible). A few days of high glucose levels are not going to be too serious unless they became very high or stay high for sometime.

  • This happens to me every time I am on prednisone and I not diabetic. Only found this side effect by chance. A dip test urine sample at the doctors once while having my first doses of prednisone.

    Now you know what to expect you will know how to deal with this.

  • I’m not diabetic and also get this reaction from taking 5mg of prednisone daily. I’m post Kidney recipient and my doctor tells me is a side effect of the medication, he recommends a balance diet.

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