Should I have the pneumonia jab?

I was diagnosed with asthma a couple of years ago. I have had recurrent chest infections every winter for about 6 years and I had to attend a & e last winter with an asthma attack. I have a lot of triggers in the winter which affects my breathing. I saw a specialist asthma nurse last year who suggested that I had the pneumonia jab as it is supposed to be useful in people who have a lot of winter triggers to stop so many triggers. However, my GP says that I don't need it. I'm really confused now and I'm considering getting a jab privately. Has anyone else been recommended to have or had the jab and if so has it helped?

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  • Hi don't you have to be over a certain age to get that jab . I have asthma so I have flu jab . I have never heard it being used for a trigger . But I'm not a medic , Hope you get it sorted , go and see the asthma nurse at you're surgery they are good . Xx😇

  • I have the jab every year and would never risk not having it x

  • Weeannie. I think that's the flu jab. The pneumonia jab is a one-off for people over 65, but also available for those with long term health conditions. According to NHS Choices, this is likely to include those below 65 who also need the flu jab. As with every other medical decision these days, it seems that it depends on who you ask, and nellysasthma might well find a medical professional with the opposite view to her GP!

  • I get the flu jab every year and last year they gave me the pneumonia jab as well. I think it's good for 10 years, but I'm not sure. If you can get the flu jab, I don't know why they don't give you the pneumonia jab as well. You could ask the practice nurse.

  • I also have the pneumonia jab. I was given it as a one off, and then it was changed to every five years. I’m due again next year and unless it’s changed again I’ll be taking it. I’m 58 with Asthma and Emphysema x

  • Thank you for your replies. I can't help but assume that it is because the GP doesn't want to spend the money on me having it. The asthma nurse that advised me to have the pneumonia jab is apparently one of the top asthma nurses in Gloucestershire, so I'm inclined to believe what she says! I think I will just go and pay to have it done privately, I haven't got the energy to argue with my GP over it!

  • Hi im only 39 but have had flu and phemonia jab before it made me quite ill i personally dont have eithier because they dont agree with me but you have a illness that would benefit from these injections so id give it a try

  • I had it I think it helped. No chest infections last year though I don’t let it go to that stage anymore, rescue meds help.

    Good luck x

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Can I just check what you mean by rescue meds? My GP surgery doesn't do asthma action plans so I'm a little confused as to what I can do myself to stop getting so many chest infections and also what actions I can take when I get a chest infection?

  • I have antibiotics and prednisone at home for rescue meds, first sign of chesty cold or cough I start and phone the surgery to let them know within 24hours.

    It is the respiratory unit that gives you an action plan and sends the GP instructions for the prescriptions. Ask for a referral to the local respiratory unit.

    Hope it works for you xx

  • Hi I dont understand why you don't have an asthma plan. I use the asthma uk one This is the gold standard of asthma plans and is really easy to fill in. I would try and fill it in yourself and if you get stuck ring asthma uk helpline 0300 222 5800 on Monday they are open between 9-5 pm they will even give you a call back if you can't get through.

    The rescue steroids that have been mention are prednisolone which you should have in your possession to take if you have an asthma attack. (see asthma uk

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for your reply elanaoali. I did look at the action plan on the asthma website but I was nervous of filling it in, that's why I didn't download it! I will definitely do it and will ring the helpline as you suggest, if I get stuck.

  • Hi Nellysasthma I hope I didn't come across too bossy. I think I was surprise that you didn't have one. I thought everyone had one that they used and it was given out by your asthma nurse or doctors. I use asthma UK one and my asthma nurse and doctors are completely happy about me using it. I think its better than theirs. (I use the asthma uk one for nearly 2 years) However the information on their helped me when I had my first asthma attack and I follow it to the letter. When I didn't get better after a lot of Ventolin ie. 10 puffs I did call 999 and had a paramedic in 4 mins.

    So when you get time I would print it out and go through with it with the asthma nurse on the helpline. I think once you done this you will feel empowered, more confident and generally much happier. It is simple and clean once you understand it.

  • You didn't come across as bossy at all. I am glad that you have given me the confidence to download it. Thank you x

  • Your very welcome :-)

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