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Autumn has found my asthma am on a new inhaler this year. symbicort 200/6. i have contacted my asthma nurse and have been advised to take two puffs six times a day. i am dosing 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. My question is where does my lonely blue inhaler come into all this. it seems blue inhalers are just an accessory now not something that is used during an exacerbation.

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  • "One key difference when you're on a Maintenance and Reliever Therapy, whether it's SMART or MART, is that you don't need another reliever inhaler (usually blue) for emergency symptoms. When your symptoms get worse you increase the dose of your SMART or MART inhaler, according to what's written in your MART action plan."

  • what is a MART action plan?

  • MART = Maintenance And Reliever Therapy






    A plan usually given to you by a GP or respiratory nurse to deal with your asthma.

  • the only plan i have is take two puffs at 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm until my symptoms go. then return to two puffs 6am and 6pm.

    I have been given a blue inhaler as well but no instructions on the box. will have to ring asthma nurse on monday.

  • SMART is basically the same as MART, but specifically for Symbicort, which I am also on. It does not sound as if you have been put on it. What it means is that you are then on a basic, regular pattern, but can add in extra puffs (within limits) when you need it, instead of using your Ventolin/salbutamol. I was on Symbicort for about 10 months before being put on SMART. Symbicort 200/6 has helped me a great deal, but we are all different. Stick to what your nurse says, but get back to her if you feel it isn’t working.

  • My consultant told me to still carry my blue ventolin inhaler. I also use Symbicort.

  • You can be prescribed symbicort either as a preventer- In which case you will need a reliever inhaler or as a combined therapy where you use it for both prevention and relief when needed. I’ve also just been put on symbicort 200/6 having previously been on fluxotide 50 2 puffs twice a day. My doc has prescribed the symbicort 200/6 2 puffs twice a day taking my steroid dose from 200mg/day to 800mg/ day plus the added bronchodilator. This seems really excessive to me. Any thoughts?

  • i often feel like I am on excessive doses when I am unwell. I personally do not feel upping the preventer helps once it is flared up. all that helps is salbutamol ten puffs every hour. this is just my personal experience. i am being researched by lung sheffield.

  • I use Sybicort and if its not working I use my blue inhaler.

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