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Vitamins / Supplements for Respiratory Support

Be careful what you put in your mouth.

A lot of folk are taking Specific Single Supplements to try and help improve their condition.

The problems associated with doing so are many, and include the following:

1. Compatibility / Reaction with your Condition / Meds (Solution: GP Advice when visiting for 'Other' Medical assistance + Patient Information Leaflets for the Meds you're taking, also NHS Website)

2. Is the Vitamin / Supplement really necessary ? (e.g. already abundant in your Diet)

3. Is there genuine, 'up to date' evidence that it actually works / helps? (Tip: Try a Google Search using the Tool that Google Provides to Restrict Results to -say - the Last 12 Months, or to a Period that you Define. Also, don't overlook the Google News Tab for accessing the most recent press and other coverage of your Search Term)

4. Is what's Claimed to be in the preparation (a) actually present in what you're buying plus (b) present in a 'bio-available' form that your body can absorb? (Note: Some while back a Chinese Herbal Preparation was found to have added 'Steroids' to make it work, as the Herbal Prep - without the illegally added Steroids - was essentially useless).

5. Are the additional ingredients added in order to turn it into a Pill, Capsule or Potion likely to do you any harm when ingested over the Short or Long Term?

6. Have 'Long Term Use' Issues for the Vitamin or Supplement been checked / undertaken by a Competent / Reliable 'Third-Party' Professional Body?

7. Is the amount of the active ingredient (e.g. Vitamin, Mineral) too little or too much (Note: 'Too Much' is often a health risk, but attracts buyers due to the impression that 'More Must Be Better'). e.g. 500mg or 1000mg Vitamin C has previous been indicated as being way too much and as having potential health risks associated with it, particularly over the Medium / Long Term. (Do a Google Search for High Dose Vitamin C Risks)

8. Is the Supplier a Trusted, Well Known, Household Name, that's big enough to worry about it's reputation / brand - and therefore careful about what it sells you?

By the way, I know a little about this topic, as I'm indirectly connected to a Testing Lab used my many Major Drug Companies to Test / Check their formulations. Numerous Vitamins and Supplements have also been tested by the same Team.

Today I happened on a very useful website (which I have NO connection with whatsoever) where you can see very professional looking profiles (No Brand Names) of Vitamins & Supplements to add to your knowledge. As I'm NOT connected with it, I can't 'absolutely' vouch for the quality / integrity of the Info, but it certainly looks more impressive than most others I've come across (and I've checked-out dozens). It cites many Scientific Papers and Sources (always reassuring!). Some of you may already have discovered it:


In addition, don't forget the NHS Vitamin / Supplement Web Pages, one of which is at:


PS What's the major supplement missing from most folk's regime?

(Ans: Physical Activity / Exercise)

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Very high doses of vitamin C have shown an increased risk of developing some cancers while never showing any effectiveness in reducing cold symptoms / duration.


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