Theophylline, Montekulast, Prednisolone, Symbicort 400, Ventolin

Hello Friends, as I've mentioned I have been ridiculously unwell since my Neighbours had a bonfire on 1Sept, next day my GP prescribed 5 days of steroids, also in addition I've been taking all the above meds. for about 8 yrs now. The following Monday blue lighted to A&E - discharged in the evening. Admitted again 8 days later, I am home now and been signed off work until 10 Oct. My question is why am I still feeling so pants! Wheez, clammy, pouring with sweat, heavy legs, utterly exhausted.

I am booked in to see the asthma nurse next Thursday morning. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to alleviate feeling so awful. I look like a clean shaven moon-faced hamster on drugs! Also, insomnia and lots of bruising on legs and arms. Anyone else in the same boat? Sorry just having another rant from a very exhausted 59 yr old. Thanks for reading :0;)

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  • I would want to have another appointment with a doctor, it doesn't sound right to me, can you ring 111?

  • Good morning! Exactly what my body and my husband has suggested. I've been awake since 4am, I am still wheezy, PK 320 after using blue inhaler, can't be right.

    Will try 111 now. Thanks for reading and talking to me.

  • Just secured slot for 10am via 111 thank you all

  • Just got back from hospital, the doctor at 111 nebulised me, didn't respond completely, so sent me through to A&E, nebbed again...rested for a while and was told that I am likely starting a viral infection!! Hence the raised temp, clammy skin and yucky feeling.

    Thanks for you support 8405loL

  • Hi Wilmack,

    I'm so pleased you sought help always better to get checked out than battling on hey!

    Hope you are now making a speedy recovery and getting lots of rest :)

  • Yes, thanks, 8450loi, I am taking it easy and it will be interesting to hear what the Asthma nurse has to say once she has seen me tomorrow morning. Back to work next Tuesday, oh what a shock to the system it's going to be. :0(

  • Good luck & take it easy, housework & extra stuff can wait!

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