To have the flu jab or not?

Hello, I'm new here 🤗

I'm 45 and was hospitalised in March with Pneumonia and since diagnosed with asthma. Suffer with acid reflux, recurrent sinisitus and just generally feeling rubbish. Long story but my condition may be caused by exposure to toxic mould in my work environment. Awaiting results. I've been told by my GP to have the flu jab but I had this last November and still had numerous chest infections and pneumonia. My asthma is not controlled and I really can't bear any more infections or attacks. Is it worth me refusing the flu jab or will it really benefit me.

Sorry for moaning but I'm just a bit fed up and tired of feeling so poorly for so long still.

Many thanks for reading and any advice you can give me.


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  • Hi Kerry so sorry to hear your story and how ill you have been. Having the flu jab isn't a guarantee you won't get the flu as they have to guess at the strain and often get it wrong. But it has been shown that when you catch if after the jab it is less severe which is very important for those with lung problems. So if it is possible it can help I would have the jab.

    I also heard that 'they' expect the flu this year to be similar to the 1918 version and if this is true it is another very good reason to have it. x

  • Hi Lilaclil

    Thankyou for your reply. I forgot whilst I was in hospital I also came back positive for a strain of flu called Human Metapneumovirus (HMPV) so I was in isolation. I suppose I couldn't get any worse so I will have the flu jab and fingers crossed.

    Hope you are ok and you are having a good day xxx

  • Better safe than sorry!

  • Absolutely, Thankyou x

  • It's always worth having the flu jab, always. I too have Asthma & COPD and have my flu jabs every year. Even if we then get flu it wont be anywhere near as severe as it would without the jab

  • Thankyou 😘x

  • Morning everyone, hi Kerry. Sorry to hear you're having problems. I first had the flu jab back in the early eighties and ever since when I have had the flu jab I suffer from arthritic swelling and pain. The first time it happened I spent a long time off work which had devastating effects on my financial as well as physical health. For the last few decades I have not had the flu jab, and I have not had flu. I would not have it again as I am left with a legacy of arthritis in my knees, for which I take turmeric (better than any drug). I have constant yearly pressure from my GP practice, bordering on bullying, to have the jab even though I have stated again and again why I don't want it. There are lots of of online forums of people who say the same thing, including health professionals, yet the perceived wisdom of the NHS is to have the jab. As far as I know there is no way of checking whether you will react badly to it. We are all different and I guess you have to weigh up the pros and cons of having it. I wish you good luck and hope that things improve for you.


  • Morning Cath

    Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences with me. I'm so undecided but have until tomorrow. I totally understand how it is a personal choice and the difference in how it affects each of us. I'm still off work and really hoping to look at going back by end of October and just couldn't bear any more set backs.

    Kerry x

  • Sorry to hear you feel so awful I don't think you can miss the flu jab the last thing you need is a dose of flu on top of everything else. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Lizzie 😘X

  • I too had pneumonia twice after the flu jab last year. I just don't think, for me, the twi were connected. I never had the flu at all, my chest was clear both times with the pneumonia and I had no obvious pysical symptoms. This week I had my flu vaccine and also the pneumonia vaccine.

    It's a personal decision but I haven't hesitated getting the flu jab, even with the rough year last year. HtH

  • Bless you, sorry to hear you been so rough. Thanks for your reply Hun

    Kerry x

  • I started having the flu jab at around 45 years old. I’ve had no problems. I did do a lot of research before going ahead.

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