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Severe asthma help

I have had asthma since I was 5 years old, I'm now 29 and it has gotten progressively worse.

I have finally been referred to a specialist after all these years.

I have tried montelukast but the side effects gave me severe migraines which left me bed bound and I have two young children to run around after.

I am on prednisolone, seretide and salbumatol at present but recently I have been getting really out of breath whenever I eat, I'm so tired all of the time, my heart races constantly, I shake and feel dizzy, my chest is always tight like someone is sitting on my chest and I can't even walk to the shop without needed my reliever.

My peak flow is around 250, going down to 200 on a particularly bad day, on the best of days I can blow 300.

I'm not overweight at all if anything a bit under and I was quite active until my asthma got bad.

Is there anything I can suggest to the specialist when I see him/her next week? Anyone have any success stories with any medications that I havnt mentioned?

Thanks very much for reading it is really appreciated.

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Have you had allergy tests and things done? Along with lung functions. I can imagine this is the first thing they will do. There are various injections available now to help severe asthmatics but not all are suitable. Depends on your type of asthma. I have an inhaler called spiriva respimat added in which is effectively atrovent. Do you take a strong antihistamine? Think the first step is for them to try and determine the major trigger factor of your asthma. X

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I am sorry that you are having such a tough time. I've had a few swaps around with my meds that have helped me quite a bit. I couldn't say my asthma is ever well controlled but it is better than it was. My specialist changed over one thing at a time. I swapped from symbicort 400 to relvar elipta - that really helped me shake much less and does give me more control. I swapped montelukast to zafirlukast and can now breath through my nose. My over the counter antihistamines got changed for fexofenadine and I think that made the biggest change with my allergies. I try as far as possible to avoid my allergy triggers (some are unavoidable), the consultant was very helpful about talking through prevention strategies. I got a hepa air purifier and I have ordered a washing machine with anti allergy function thing.

Good luck with your appointment. Xxx


Hi Jarap123

Great to hear you've been referred to a specialist. There's some information on how to prepare for your appointment on our website here: bit.ly/2eus6Vw and some key questions you might want to talk about.

If you would like more advice and support then please feel free to give the Asthma UK specialist nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Hope that helps,



I have had asthma from early childhood cant remember a time when i wasnt going to the docs. Unfortunatly i also started smoking when i was a teenager im now 58 years old quit smoking about 18 years ago and have now developed c.o.p.d. have you thought to ask your dr. If he can arrange a home nebuliser to use .i have been put on fostair recently wich doesnt seem to help much ....my peakflow is usually 250 to 300 at best so i know how you feel with that .hope you get sorted out soon


Look up salt therapy. I have a salt inhaler which fends off allergies.

I was in hospital for 4 days last year in June. Thought I was a gonner. On oxygen etc.

They put me on steroids but they are disgusting things. I'm type 1 diabetic & they send sugar levels sky high. I was on an inhaler called symbicort which did nothing.

Burton hospital gave me duoresp spiromax inhaler. For 15 months now I have been fine. Not used a blue inhaler as not needed it.


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