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About the survey and rant

Okay, before anyone assumes anything, the survey is not a method of attacking the website, it is not some sort of prank, I am simply conducting research for the project I am trying to complete at school. For those who have assumed that I waited a few minutes and got fed up with the administrator not responding, it was one of them who had messaged me that they had deleted my post, I asked questions, and to this day they did not respond (I am not going to reveal the name because I know they were probably busy according to Micheal and I am not the type of person to paint other people as rude). I repeatedly checked hours and days later, so being the impatient person I am, I wanted answers. Those who have suggested that I was prioritising my problems over another asthma sufferer's problems are completely off with their assumption. I would never suggest that an asthma attack or any worse was less important than my survey. I am working in a group at my school to manufacture a product for asthma suffers' and I am only trying to get opinions to verify the genuine needs of asthma sufferers. If there are people who are still willing to suggest that I am being incompetent with the way I have handled this, excuse me for trying to help other people with my project and trying to get answers.

Another point is that the survey has multiple questions, so I could not just ask 'the question' in a post. I also cannot acquire personal details from you submitting your opinion and I tried to make it as anonymous as possible for the sake of other people valuing their privacy much like I do. Micheal (the admin), thank you for responding to my other post, I understand that I may have been a little hasty in demanding for an answer (I'm an impatient person). If you still have a problem with me as a person, feel free to block me (or do whatever you can to ignore me), but if you still want to complete my survey, message me and I will send you the link.


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Hi SpacerTeam

Apologies I didn't get back to you in the time you needed. I think Michael has explained at length, as he mentioned, while we have a policy about vetting research requests, it doesn't clarify what we might approve and why.

I'm going to talk to our research team so I can provide more clarity about the process so it's less confusing. If you PM me your survey I can talk it through it with them. I'll post here once I've had a chat with them.



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Hi all,

I've had a chat with our research manager and talked about our approach for promoting surveys. We have quite a strict policy as we get lots of enquiries to post research across our channels.

Any piece of research like a survey needs to be validated and robust, gone through ethical approval and align with our organisational research strategy. Any person who wants to access the community has go through the same process. You'll need to fill the form at the bottom of this page and send it back to us for it to be considered: bit.ly/2vaW0nT

I'll make sure our terms and conditions on our website is updated with this information.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention and it's given me an opportunity to be clear and transparent about posting surveys to the forum.


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