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Anxious about heatwave

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As a severe asthmatic with extreme heat as a major trigger, I’m getting quite concerned about the heatwave that’s due to hit this Sunday. I have fans etc at home (though not sure how effective they’ll be if temps hit late 30s/early 40s as predicted), plenty of ice in the freezer for cold drinks, and I know what to do if things escalate, but I still can’t help feeling anxious about what might happen. I wondered what others are doing to prepare/keep calm?

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Much the same as you Lucia. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I haven’t been enjoying the last couple of weeks.I have a Dyson fan in the living room and the bedroom. It has been so hot (for me, at least) I have taken the gamble of opening the bedroom window at night and running the fan on auto. So far, that has been a lot better than with it shut.

Other than that, I’ll do as the Spanish do and keep the curtains drawn when the sun is on the windows. (The neighbours will think I have lost the plot but hey ho!)

I don’t know that there is much more that we can do except sit around doing nothing. (Not even cooking - salad for us, even though I’m not keen!)

Hopefully the wind direction or whatever changes and pushes the heat out to sea 😁😁

Carrying on but with more fluids (and ice in my drinks like you) .... gotta stay hydrated even a non asthmatic in this proposed heat needs more fluid than they take in

I walk round work with a litre bottle of juice and will drink that throughout the day and top up with a few brews

That doesn't include what I have before and after work... my work colleague says he struggles to drink a 500ml bottle( just not enough)

Hi you are not the only one as, I am dreading it too. I have asthma, and, the heat and high pollen triggers,. I have been chesty last couple, weeks,. I try not to listen to the news about it as, feel they add to the anxiety. I will be, staying in fans, on and drinking plenty water. Hopefully it will cool after a, few, days,.

They do add to the anxiety. News people thrive on spreading drama! I'm avoiding it too although I so keep checking my bbc weather app. I keep wanting it to change. I have noticed that the pollen has dropped to medium which is some relief.

Hey crafty i know what you mean lot of click bait scare mongering media but i read the other day about tin foil my neighbour has her bedroom window covered in tin foil till i looked it up and it says the foil bounces the heat back off so the room stays cool migh of had a go myself but i sleep in the coldest bedroom anyway as i hate the heat .take care.x

That's an interesting idea. I will bear that in mind. Thanks!

Tin foil is the best it's worth sacrificing a whole roll. During nightime I keep a large pyrex bowl of mint tea ( boil it as if you are making a tea but for a whole class) in the bedroom to keep the air moisturized or if you have a humidifier it's even better. Also a fan is helping during day time and night as well. I'm just thinking of the electric bills looks like we'll be spending more on summer time than winter time for heating. Sounds similar to anyone living in Australia.

I hate excess heat much more than cold weather. I use a fan, stay cool wet towels draped on me (usually overnight), lots of fluids, cool showers. I keep the curtains closed on the south side of the house and only open windows on the north side. I heard the weather man explain yesterday that once it gets hotter we shouldn't leave windows open as all we're doing is letting hot air in...I've yet to cross that bridge and feel the need for fresh air so windows stay open. I do go out late or very early for a walk when it's cooler and that's refreshing. And if it's particularly warm and uncomfortable overnight I get my tablet and play a long YouTube video of rain or something similar, just to trick the brain and get some sleep.

And I'm really looking forward to Wednesday when the temperature is expected to drop down to more normal degrees.

These temperatures won't drop so easily on Wednesday because everything is over heated, the road and buildings, not sure when we'll feel that pleasant cool air. Though I'm happier with something cooler but this is unbearable. Flowers and veggies are drying wether I water them 2-3 times a day. 😔 Maybe a good idea is to buy a tent in the garden and have a good quality sleep there. My blood pressure is dropping these days till I feel I'm lightheaded, I'm on 2 different tablets since January after a long bad awful Covid episode.

Our local temps are due to go from 37°c on Mon/Tues to 25°c on Weds, so for me, mentally, Weds is doable. I'm dreading the next 2 days though and it looks like overnight Tuesday is going to be way too hot at mid 20s°c, just no reprieve. And just like your tent idea, I will go and sleep in the car (after a drive with air con on in order to cool it right down).

If it drops it's good news but not sure how the body will take it. If it drops 10 degrees C than the body will react in the same way as if I catch a cold, because of the air pressure and also the body won't adapt to the temperature so quickly. Luckily we have to put through these extremes only for 2 days.

First,getting anxious can give you asthma,so keep calm and carry on,but slower.I expect we’ll all be moaning about cold weather soon!Shame we can’t bottle this heat to use in winter so we don’t need to put expensive heating on.Ice pax on head,back of neck etc.cools whole system down.They keep telling us to drink lots,so cheers!Enjoy!

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Sunflower_2017 in reply to fraid

😀😀liked the bottled hot air idea ! Maybe a good idea would be to keep handy some menthol liquid or cream and rub it on the area where you have veins, wrist, under ears, back of the neck, chest. I would prefer lots of cold mint tea or chamomile or linden tea. Keep a 1/2 pint plastic bottle on the desk and I know how much is the liquid intake.

Also keep a refrigerator bag with some ice cubes and rub it against your arms and neck and legs when heat is unbearable, what a feeling !

I am also anxious. I'm keeping calm with breathing exercises, closing curtains and blinds, not opening windows, using fans, drinking lot's of water and am taking it easy. I've also found out that I need to refrigerate my Fostair 200 to keep it working, and plan to keep all my other medicine tucked away in a cupboard. I can't wait for Wednesday! If only we could hide away somewhere to escape it!

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lucia_m in reply to CraftyLego

Ah yes - must remember to pop my fostair in the fridge!

Fostair goes straight away in the fridge after bringing it home.

Hi lucia_m im hibernating 3 fans going 2 freezers full of ice cubes curtains closed and slowly keeping dusting and hovering then chilling in a chair in the middle of the rooms waiting for a humidifyer with a cooler and puryfier all in one🤣

Full equipment as if you are in outerspace 😁💦❄️🌊


I just wanted to wish you well over the next few days. I’m sure myself and others who have read your post are thinking of all of you who will be experiencing the next few days in the worst affected areas.

I came back to Scotland on Wednesday having been in the south east visiting family.

My asthma didn’t like the current warm muggy weather and I found myself needing to use my reliever every day as my chest was tight, and my peak flow dropped as well. ( I spent a lot of time doing what others have suggested ).

It has settled down again. Hopefully yours will too 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Take care,


I feel your pain . I also have severe asthma and on top of that 4 other chronic conditions. I also work on a building site … I’m not sure what to do

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lucia_m in reply to Mark-f

I’m sorry to hear that, must be such a worry. I hope you can take some time off on the hottest days.

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LittleZebra in reply to Mark-f

Hello, it is a bit late for this lot of hot weather but have a look at coolvests online I think there are some aimed specifically at people working outside in hot weather. Mine uses evaporative cooling so a bit soggy to start with but pretty effective.

Thanks for the supportive replies everyone. I hope you all keep safe too.

I would try and channel the anxiety into taking concrete steps to prepare for the next heat wave (2023?). My asthma got much worse during a heat wave in the summer of 2021, landing me in a hospital. It could have been a combination of high pollen counts and fertilizer odours in the country (I was walking in Shropshire at the time [Google does not know the word "Shropshire"???]). Once I got back home from the hospital and was able to walk again (spent several months in bed), I took the time to create a "safe heaven" filtered-air space in my flat (took several months) to prepare for the next heat wave, got an air conditioner etc. The AC only needs to control a small space in the flat, so a £300 portable one works fine, and is not too costly to run. The exhaust needs to go through a hole in a wall, so that took time to make work, too (not a plug-and-play solution).

IMHO fans merely blow allergens and dust around, if the supply air is not filtered.

Hot weather also means people BBQing on their balconies, cooking outside, smoking weed etc. So I had to implement charcoal air filtration as well, stock up on charcoal masks etc. The UK does not have many wood fires, but due to global warming they get more likely every year.

The only aspect I am not well prepared for are potential power outages. I was considering a quiet gas-powered generator (to power the freezers, filters, the AC etc), but these are costly, plus, it does not feel right storing propane tanks in a flat.

Hello! We have weather over 35 Celsius weekly, and is dry/dusty, quite a trigger for my asthma, but it is way worse when it is overheated and wet, than I use even more often my inhaler. Sometimes it goes over 40, maybe 5 or 6 days per summer, the suggestions below are great, to confirm some: keep windows closed and curtains shut, hydrate, I found the hours 13.00 to 22.00 are the worst, so I do not go out in that interval, it goes better after 19.00, because the sun is not up anymore, but the heat starts to get out of the pavement ( I live in Bucharest). It is definitely different if one lives in the countryside, near the sea, in the mountains or in town. If I want to cool of I go out after 23.00 (sometimes there are 30 degrees at 23.00). The temptation can be to water around the house, for me the wet combined with heat is bad, I guess it differs from one person to another. I also have hydrating salts/minerals, cold pieces of fruit and try not to give myself any reason to go out shopping (fridge is decently loaded). In the overheated day I do not cook or do deep cleaning, since it is hard to ventilate the chemicals when one keeps the windows closed. And my asthma gets triggered by chemicals. I guess there was a rule some years back to interrupt work while heatwave (never seen it applied anywhere). It goes away eventually and normal days come back, I wish you well and maybe this is a nice opportunity to take it slow, watch a movie, keep a journal, color a mandala, keep up with stars online news and gossip...and generally this too shall pass! All the best!

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