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Asthma and sinus surgery

I had sinus surgery five weeks ago - polyps were removed and my turbinates were reduced as I was certain my sinus issues were making my asthma much worse - inhalers had little effect and it was course after course of prednisilone.

Up to now I am cleaning my sinuses out with neil med and taking betamethasone drops - I also take two clarityn a day. The result of this is I am only needing a few puffs of fostair now though I suspect that if I went from 200 to 400 I may only need it once a day.

I am being referred to Wythenshawe hospital in August as my GP has been unable to find the trigger. It is early days but if you have sinus issues and are strugging with asthma they two may well be linked - I think I have a nasty case of allergic rhinitis.

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Definitely. Allergic rhinitis is often mistaken for constant colds and linked to asthma. Avamys inhaler ( expensive I understand so medics reluctant to prescribe), plus NeilMed sinus rinses and antihistamines were effective in our case. NeilMed can be purchased on Amazon.

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Yea id say allergic rhinitus. Hope all is going well. I am having trouble with my sinuses and asthma at the moment nothing is working. I was told id got non-allergic rhinitus 2 years ago now. asthmatic for 12 but the sinuses probs are since was told about the rhinitus.


I have all the sinus problems as well as nasal polyps and asthma. ENT and the Chest Clinic have both tested me for allergies and it came up quite severely with grass and tree pollen. Have you had an allergy test from the hospital to test allergies? If not it may be a good idea.


Hi.... I can relate to This, have suffered with nasal/sinus issues all my life .. I had polyps removed in 2010 and also have severe rhinitis and refractory Asthma,no sense of smell at all for 10yrs .... unfortunately for me both are only kept stable on high dose prednisone.... currently maintained on 25mg but increase to 40mg on flare up, have been on zolair coming up 12 months (supposed to be wonder cure) but I'm afraid for me it seems unsuccessful !!

Maybe xolair treatment an option for you ? Have you had ige levels checked for allergies ?


Bloody hell, I was on zolair for 6 months and taken off it to see how I'd cope. Been 6 months since taken off it and I've hit a brick wall. I'm so bad and having the jabs changed my life. Absolutely livid my consultant has made me suffer for 6 months. And you've managed to have it for 12 months with no effect; argh!


I even told my consultant I felt it was inafective .... but he's decided to keep me on it ??

Back to see him on Monday so we will see


Ah crazy!

I literally sent in this list to him via email:

While taking xolair:

Stopped using inhaler

Stopped using nebuliser

Allergies stopped

Polyps and sinus infections causes by allergies subsided

Urticaria rashes and hives stopped

Stopped taking steroids

Mental state improved

Generally felt well and took up gym for first time in years

When stopped taking xolair:

Using 1 inhaler per week

Constant wheezing

Allergies bad

Back on 45mg steroids (9weeks so far)

Urticaria rash and hives have returned

Stopped gym has caused rashes and wheezing

Polyps are worse and a further infection in sinuses resulting surgery arranged to drain infection out.

Mental state deteriorating

He stopped them in April and told me to return in 3 months. I did, he ignored my list I gave him and requested blood test IGE and see me in 3 months. Waste of time! Why not send me for bloods in April? Then review in June. He's a nightmare. Sorry doc, I know my body.


That's madness ..... Have you pushed for xolair again , I've heard on the grape vine it's much harder to get now as the government have tightened the old purse strings ..... Took me nearly 12 months to get excepted


Hi Mark

Did your sense of smell ever return? I've lost mine. I've recently declined an offer of sinus operation as - although my MRI showed I have good grounds for surgery - my nasal breathing is not generally inhibited (though I do get Post Nasal Drip). I heard that sinus surgery benefits are hit and miss plus that (often) those who have sinus surgery only feel the benefits for a short while. I've got polyps too but (assuming the hospital is being frank and honest) they are not a major issue (yet). The loss of sense of smell is awful as it also impacts sense of taste and I can't taste my beer!


Hi.... Returned initially after surgery but unfortunately for me it was short lived, the only time my smell returns is on a high dose prem 40mg +it's a pain but it's something I've learnt to live with. My symptoms both nasal and lung are maintained on 20-25mg of pred which I've been on daily for two years.... Side affects not great but for me the benefits outweigh them...


I'm no ENT consultant but I assume the polyps are causing the loss of smell .... Have you tried a course of prednisone and if so did smell return ? As the steroids reduce the little blighters ! If smell returned when polups reduced I'd reconsider surgery ...

Good luck

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Cheers Mark. Appreciated. Yes, Oral Steroids solved problem after a week or two's use. Think I'll look again at the surgery option.


I suffer in the same way and had my turbinates removed just under 2 years ago.

I am now taking matters into my own hands and trying The Salt Cave therapy which i feel is helping me.

It is drug free so you can continue with your treatment plan.


I have found that Montelukast plus twice daily squirts of Neilmed nasal rinse have done wonders for my sinus problems, plus associated breathing relief and no mucus or coughing. Perhaps something like that might help you too 😀


I have had polyps twice removed from nose and also from my ear, also lost sense of smell for a while had problems with my ear drums bursting had grommets fitted , post nasal drip, had all the meds everyone has, this has cleared up because it's part of the early stages of EGPA , not that I want to worry you but it has taken 17 years for my diagnosis


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