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My DD (19 months) has just been given the suspected Asthma diagnosis. Which is a relief.. but both my husband and I think something else is going on as well. For a year she had always had a cough and running nose. It keeps developing in to full infections and she's has had anti-biotics 3 times. The week she is on anti-biotics is the only time she sounds healthy. Within 2 days of them finishing she sounds horrendous again.

I'm tired of going to the GP about it being told its nothing. I'm concerned she is doing her self serious damage. Can I ask to be referred to a specialist?? What if the doc says he won't refer her?

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It's very hard with little children to get the Diagnosis right, there may we'll be an allergy component to the problem. If the airways are blocked then infection can be ongoing, and you are right to be worried.

In your circumstances I would do two things, I would ask for a trial of a preventer inhaler, and see if you get a massive improvement ( as we did with a 2 year old). And secondly I would ask for a referral to a specialist pediatric respiratory consultant. I am assuming that you are in the U.K., so top hospitals are Birmingham heartlands, Leicester Glenfield Asthma unit and Of course the RBH in London, although St Thomas's in London has a good clinic, and Also Southampton has a great Asthma clinic. I would do some online research and find the pediatric specialists in one of these hospitals and asked to be referred there, if the preventer inhaler makes no difference.

Good luck



Thanks we got given a preventer inhaler on Friday... How long would you give it to see if it works. I know they take a while for their effects to build up and become obviously effective?


I hope you also were given a spacer with a face mask as well? Very important for toddlers. Well when we started our daughter on it we noticed a difference in about 4 days, but if your dd has a lot of inflammation it may take longer.

I do hope it works well, the other thing that worked like magic for my dd was Singulair, which is a Montelukast, but I am not sure if it is prescribed for very little children. My daughter only got it when she was 6. You might also want to try some children's antihistamine syrup. Ask you local pharmacy.



Yeah we have a volumatic spacer and mask which seems quite big for her but seems to be working. To be honest she has stopped coughing over night now its just during the day... so maybe it is an allergy during the day making her sick... will look at a an anti-histamine over the counter.

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Hi KLAnakin

Sorry to hear you've had difficulties with your GP. There's some information on our website that might be helpful:

Do give our nurses helpline a ring to chat it through. They can be reached on 0300 222 5800 any time between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Take care,



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