Reflux and Asthma

Im hoping im making progress to getting my asthma under control the consultant suspects that reflux is the culprit as all the other testing points to good lung function etc but lots of inflammation. Im having a scan which if acid has s the issue im hoping they will operate. Im maxed out on inhalers, Lanzaprozole, gaviscon etc and doing all I can to help myself. Has anybody else experienced this?

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  • YES, some more here:-

  • Yes try diet wise eg no fizzy pop no acid no fatty food no alcohol no spicy food or choc

  • Hi ErnieErnie

    Good to hear you feel you're making progress with your asthma. There's some information on our site about asthma and other conditions including acid reflux:

    Please feel free to give us a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

    Take care, Dita

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