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Asthma and reflux acid

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Hi all I have just been to the doctors about the acid reflux I am suffering from. I was advised to get an anti acid so I bought gavison. I rang asthma UK for advise to. The asthma nurse told me it's common with asthmatic who have hayfever too. Well that's me. The asthma nurse explained why this happens so I understand that. I was told that I should try the anti acid for 1/2 weeks to see if gavison helps. She said it could help but on the other hand be only a sticking plaster and need a prescriptive one from the doctor. The prescriptive one would reduce the acid.

What has been other people's experiences?

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What type of Gaviscon did you get? There are different kinds.

I'm currently on Gaviscon Advance for reflux and heartburn but that was originally prescribed by a doctor. It is available over the counter and is, I understand, the most effective kind; I certainly find it works well for me. It's available in two forms: tablet and suspension. The suspension form is considered to be the more effective of the two, problem is carrying a bottle around is not terribly practical. I usually use the liquid form before I go to bed, and keep a supply of the tablets in my bag.

I suggest you contact your doctor and ask for his advice on this. Straight Gaviscon and the combined Gaviscon (pink and white tablets) might not be enough (certainly weren't for me).

I ought to add that the suspension version I still get on prescription, but that's because I'm on it all the time. The tablets I get over the counter.

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elanaoali in reply to MaggieHP

Govilon advance. I can't take it at night as it would interact with other medication I am on for my other long time health condition.

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MaggieHP in reply to elanaoali

If you haven't already done it, raising the head end of your bed by about five inches can help with reflux at night. Avoiding certain foods is a good idea as well, but that can vary from person to person. Caffeine (sadly that can include chocolate), spicey food, citrus fruits, mint, onions, tomatoes and garlic are all known to cause issues, but lots of others can as well.

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elanaoali in reply to MaggieHP

Well most of the foods you mention are off the menu because of my other long term health condition (intersial cystics). This condition 90% treatment to control the symptoms is diet. Caffeine, chocolate, acid foods will cause a flare up and a lot of pain.

You talk about raising the head of the bed. How high would you raise it?

I started getting bad reflux when I was pregnant with my second child. It never went away. I was on Gaviscon for awhile, then to Ranitidine and then to Omeprazole. If the Gaviscon doesn't work, just go back to your GP. Oh, and yes I have allergic asthma as well. It wasn't an issue (the reflux) when I was a child though. It has developed over time. Good luck.

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elanaoali in reply to emmasue

You talk about the acid reflux developing over time well that's what has happen to me. I have had symptoms for a while but hadn't made the connection between asthma and having acid reflux. I have seen people mention it on this forum and dismiss that it could be happening to me as well.

I am glad I went to the doctor but just don't like the idea of adding something else. However if it's necessary long term then I will except it with good grace.

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emmasue in reply to elanaoali

I think it helps. When I have bad reflux, my asthma definitely is worse, or at least I have a worse cough. The Ranitidine worked for me for awhile, but then wasn't helping any more. I wonder if all the steroids I have taken over the years have made the stomach muscles weak. Anyway, the Omeprazole seems to help so I don't mind taking it. Good luck! x

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MaggieHP in reply to elanaoali

It's an additional nuisance, I agree. My consulltant (in gastroenterology) has already told me that it's not uncommon in asthmatics. What he hasn't done is to give me an explanation as to why.

I take omeprazole, asthma consultant changed it from one capsule in the morning to 2 at night and that helped a lot. I have to be careful with the timing of the meds, I wait and hour after the zafirlukast before I take the omeprazole.

I have asthma with allergies, had allergic food reaction last week and my asthma and gord have both been flared up by it.

Hope the gaviscon helps

I hope that the gavison helps too. As you read in my original post I can't take anything before I go to sleep as the pharmacist said gavison would interact with the amitriptyline I take then. I to have allergic asthma and hayfever.

Have a look in Holland and Barrett its called silicolgel, that helps with acid reflux. It's not cheap but I found it helpful. You can get it on Amazon as well.

Thank you for your suggest Day 2 of the gavison and no heartburn. Yippee

Day 2 after stopping omeprazole for two months back comes the acid reflux. I do have this on repeat (confused as I never went back to drs to discuss it). I was going back after I came off it. Already got an appointment with drs next week for something else. I could order it as it's on my repeats but want to know what is next? My plan was to make another appointment with the GP who prescribed it. Thoughts please

Hi all after having a telephone consultation with one of my GPs. I need to wait another week to see if the acid reflux goes away If not then it's a stoll sample incase it's a bug. If it's a bug then doing a irradiation protocol. If not then it will be on omprezole. So we wait and see.

I'm on Ranitidine or Zantac twice a day. It is to do with relux, I also take fybogel mebervine, I get reflux from IBS as well. I couldn't do without these meds.

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