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Asthma Counterattack

Hello, I am 33, I was diagnosed with Asthma since 11 months old. Several months ago I discovered that, that something is able to stop and roll back the Asthma attack in 15 minutes. 7 minutes of practice + 8 minutes after that. I did not believe at first but later was shocked and amazed that at last I found the way to fight it back in natural with no any medicine way and want to share it with you now. This is Pranayama breathing exercise called Bhastrika and some variation of it. It needs to be performed very precisely and just before you start to feel that asthma wrapping you up. Let me know If someone wants to, then I can share a recorded video of a smartphone app guideline instructions to try if it will work for you!?

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Hi _Ventolin_

Thanks for sharing. There are a number of breathing exercise programmes that alongside your usual prescribed medicine may help to reduce asthma symptoms including the Buteyko Method or the Papworth Method:

The latest guidelines on the management of asthma say there's currently not enough evidence on yoga breathing techniques to recommend them.


Dita (Asthma UK community manager)


Hi, I tried Buteyko breathing by levels and Buteyko shallow breathing, it did not work for me. Definitely worth to try Papworth method. Thank you for that.

And my body reaction is the best evidence for me.

I guess if anyone who wants to try Bhastrika variation then a video can be downloaded to a smartphone and followed when first symptoms appear link: . Nose and finger icon appearing at the bottom right corner means you have to close appropriate nostril.

Please share your experience.

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Thanks - I'll have a look at it.


Surfing the web for a while how to perform Papworth method. Did not find much.

Dita_AsthmaUK do you know how? It reminds me similarities of recommended diaphragmic breathing in my childhood. But the thing is how exactly to breathe?

The idea that Asthmatic breathing pattern is not suitable for specific physical activity or in general really make sense. In other words, breathing pattern which spread air (and not only) through the lungs and body sometimes inappropriate because of some triggers or habits.


I have always used some deep breathing since being a kid during a mild-medium attack especially if for some reason I am not near my Ventolin. For me it can help mitigate and maybe give time for it to clear, but I would not rely on it solely. Problem is inflammation breads inflammation and if you're exposed to allergen and are going to get worse you are delaying the inevitable so the quicker you take your Ventolin and clear the better overall. I call it staying ahead of the curve, and it works well for both chest and sinus/nose.


Glad to read Tuhun.

You see green881 most of the Asthma patients can delay to some degree, even call up the attack.

The thing is something triggers Asthma, the body cannot resist or just forgot or do not know how or where to, and I strongly believe it is related to body fluidity.

Though this practice above can stop an attack from its progression when it is still mild in 7 and roll it back in additional 8 minutes. Sure give it a try. And I guess you will not look to reach out your Ventolin but Smartphone.


Hi _Ventolin_,

thank You for the information. I've tried the video what You shared.

I would like to know a bit more about this technique. Do You know a good video or article which explains it well?

what is the name of the smartphone app?

Thank You



Hi, what is your experience, did it work for you? Do not really know about it, discovered accidentally. App called Prana breath.


Yeah, I tried it twice and it seems effective :) First time I used my ventoline but it doesnt solve the attack (I have chest infection at the moment so my asthma is worse than usually) so after that I tried this method and it was good. This second time I caught it in the early stage and just made this exercise.

I also started buteyko method but the two theory and method is pretty different...


Glad to read that. Let me know if you find something effective as that. Hope you'll get better soon.


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