Good morning everyone hope all well all plugged into the drip of the hydro and the neb nurse seems to think I'm on last one but docs say one more day will have to have a chat when they come in later I'm confused woke about 3 times last night chest tight and back hurting this morning wait for the pain killers to kick in have a good day off to relax with my neb take care speak soon

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  • I hope and pray that this truly is your last nebs and you have too a pain free day.

  • Not last nebs I need them the hydrocortisone

  • What a hard time you are having. Hope you feel more comfortable soon. Take care xxx

  • I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Take care

  • Hi thanks had a ecg done as keep having spasms where I can't breathe due to the acid first one was fine second one not bad but shown something going on not sure what waiting to c doc again

  • 😔. Hope they work out what's going on soon and that they can do something to help.

    Thinking of you x

  • Are you all relaxed now? Nebs doing their work? Pain killers taken the edge of your pain? Wheezy myself today, don't know why.

  • (I'm blaming the weather - it's raining where I am). Hope (you both) start feeling better soon x

  • We in same boat hope u feeling better soon

  • It is not fair you have pain on top of everything else. I hope the painkillers are helping. Take care xxxx

  • Hi back killing me pain killers just making me tired more than anything else x

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