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Stuttering lungs??

Hi, I'm currently recovering from several chest infections (nasty ones!) and I also have asthma. I've just seen a respiratory consultant for the first time who is going to ct scan my chest, sinuses, lung function tests etc. I currently feel ok, but I have a strange thing happening when I try to do slow deep breaths. On breathing in slowly my lungs seem to stutter/flutter/judder... which then makes me cough! Breathing out slowly is fine but breathing in slowly is the issue.

Anyone else got this? Is it just due to mucusy lungs??

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I had that when I was very poorly last year, I just put it down to the infection and asthma attacks and it did settle. Maybe mention it at your next consultation.


I will, thanks


Hiya wheezyone

I get that when I'm tight-chested or have mucous in my lungs that I'm unable to move which is a daily occurrence due to the nature of my pathology. It is much more pronounced if I have a chest infection and it can be felt by placing a hand onto my back. Your ct scan will give a better indicator of what your dealing with if there is a lung pathology.


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