Still in hospital

So despite everything I'm still in hospital. My peak flows have been better for around 18 hours although I'm more wheezy today than I was yesterday. They are letting me trial inhalers today in the hope my peak flows don't drop again. My worry is ive been on prednisolone for 4 weeks already and I don't feel myself getting any better. They've started montelukast and loratidine this admission but obviously they take a while to take affect. If my peak flows were to drop again what would happen other than starting nebs again? I just feel like we're going round in circles

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  • Oh Lucy I am sorry to hear that you are still in hospital. I hope and pray the doctors can get your asthma under control asap.

  • Awwww Lucy so sorry your still in hospital hope they get your asthma under control hopefully your new medication will kick in soon am on montelukast and I find them really good keep us updated Lucy and good luck 👌

  • I've managed on inhalers since lunchtime. My peak flows are slowly dropping though but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they pick up overnight but we all know that won't happen!

    I really just wanna be at home with my little girl.

    How easily do you think it would be to be discharged on nebs?

  • U should be ok discharged on nebs if u have been on inhalers since lunchtime they may wanna keep u in a bit longer cuz of peak flow x

  • Yeah they're hoping I'll go home tomorrow but my worry is I keep bouncing in and out and don't want to have to sit in hospital just having nebs if that's all they seem to ever do. So do you think they'd send me home with some just in case?

  • Awww ano must be horrible especially with you having a baby they probably will send you home with the nebs Lucy because like you say that's all there doing any way giving you nebs and they will probably need your bed soon good luck hope you get home tomorrow with your baby x

  • So I had a bad night peak flows dropped to 240 luckily I managed without a neb but I'm not feeling great. They're finally getting respiratory involved today so they can put a plan in place. So fed up of this! The nursing staff are all amazing but I just wanna be home now. They seem very reluctant to send me home with nebs but well see what they say this afternoon x

  • Awwww sorry you had a bad night hopefully they will send you home Lucy with nebs and maybe you will sleep better in your own bed good luck x

  • Sorry to hear your still ill i hope they sort it for you hun xx

  • I'm still in and they're talking about aminophylline xx

  • Whats tha

  • Whats that

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