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Hi there was wondering if anybody no why my blood test results ant come back yet I had normal blood test and full blood test on Monday gone got told was getting sent to Colchester hospital 1:15pm but still ant heard nothing surely there must be something wrong as I keep getting tired all time all during day keep yawning feel like sleeping all time

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  • please don't worry about it, I'm sure everything will be fine. Keep posting so we know how you are xxx😊

  • Just would like to no how long it takes for blood test get checked before get back to me if something wrong as must be something as always tired

  • I just wanted to no if u no how long take for results to come back if found something how long hospital take to check my bloods as GP sent it to hospital

  • The surgery won't have the paper results but if there was anything really bad the lab would have phoned the Practice

  • What now my mum told me if it emergency be 5 days if not then 7 so I should get phone call by Friday if emergency as had blood test Monday

  • as a GP receptionist I can tell u that this is normal. All tests done at hospital take longer to get results. It is worth ringing the hospital and asking as u r obviously anxious but I'm sure all will be well xx

  • I didn't have blood test at hospital I had blood test at doctors and they said they getting the bloods sent to colchester at 1:15pm that was Monday so if emergency should be Friday

  • There is no point ringing the hospital as they cannot legally tell you anything as its against data protection laws (how can they tell you are who you say you are over the phone?). The vast majority of lab tests are sent back to the clinicians who requested them within 24 hours and any that are very abnormal will be phoned. How long were you told to wait for the results?

  • I wasn't told all the nurse said in doctors that done my blood test was that it get sent to colchester today 1:15pm that was Monday so wouldn't they be back now if emergency

  • We have discussed before. Tiredness can be due to a lot of things (hence the blood test, the results of which you should get back in a week), but one thing that is sure to make you tired is excessive worry (and your posts certainly suggest that). My advice is to have a word with your GP about that - you are more likely to get a result from that than from posts on this site. I'm sure your local health service would offer some sort of anxiety course - I've been on one and found it helpful (not least because you realise your not the only one!). Take care.

  • So when blood test results come back then that should tell me why feeling tired all time it full blood test so that checks every part body don't it

  • You need to be prepared for a test result that doesn't necessarily confirm the reason for your tiredness, since it may have nothing to do with an issue which can be confirmed with a blood test (which is not a magic bullet!). If that is the case then I suggest you speak to your doctor about your anxiety and see if you can make progress there. Let's hope you get this resolved soon.

  • I believe you asked a couple of days ago when you would be likely to get the results of a blood test and you were warned at the time that it would take about a week.

    Your best bet is to ring the clinic responsible for the blood test and ask them when the result will come out. Better still, when you next have tests done ask them when you can expect to get the results, then you are less likely to end up worrying about it.

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