An update

So for the people who've been supporting me the last week I just want to give you an update. I went to a and e this morning. My peak flow was down to 270 and my best is 470. I was nebulised and an X-ray was done which showed nothing. So they sent me home straight away. I've since had to have my inhaler, but not feeling as breathless as I did this morning. I'm still very tired and managed to get a nap in this afternoon.

I'm still at a loss as to what is going on as my asthma still isn't controlled and I was just fobbed off by a and e saying night time is worse only come back if you deteriorat more. Any more advice is welcome

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  • It might be worth you making an appointment to see your GP or Asthma Nurse as a follow up to your trip to the Emergency Department.

  • I'd say you need to talk with your asthma nurse and see what they have to say. It sounds like you're struggling and they aren't paying attention to your concerns. Sometimes you have to be firm and say I know when I'm not right, and I'm telling you I'm not right! Medics are so overwhelmed at the moment it's a wonder they've not missed anything yet, but as far as you're concerned be polite but be forceful.

    Can't offer much else but sympathy. Hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Hello Lucy, I suggest to book a doctor's appointment like Asthma-girl and Operanut72 mentioned. The nebuliser seemed to have done you some good. Also don't hesitate to go back if you deteriorate as they said.

    It 's a silly game of going to and fro hospitals and doctors until somebody listens to you and gives you a referral to a respiratory clinic so you can get better care and proper medication. Good luck Lucy x

  • Thank you everyone for the advice. I think I'll book one in for tomorrow or Friday! As I'm supposed to start reducing the steroids on Friday. Thank you all for your support and advice! Asthma is such a scary thing and it's good to know we're not on our own! Xx

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