I'm sorry for posting this so many times but be lost without this site I got asthma and haven't been able to take pumps in 10 days today breathless everynow and then chest tight and throat really sore hardly swallow feels raw will I have a asthma attack before Saturday and if I do the asthma nurse will help me won't she if I can get to her in time as wouldn't go to hospital as have this problem with needles I faint panic to much if I have needles and I would live won't I being my first one if I do have attack can't take pumps because badly bruised ribs nurse didn't even put me on nebuliser when I was in there with her and my pulse blood pressure fine does that mean I'm fine or Is that not to do with asthma please tell me I tried lot and can't walk far without getting out of breath I told my nurse load about being breathless she just say take your pumps or up them I'm on 92/22mcg relvra ellipta pump yellow square and blue Ventolin salbutomal pump blue I feel dizzy and forget stuff quick now and heart feels like slowing down sometimes and speeding up takes me 2 hours to get to sleep if laying flat makes my breathing worst cough sometimes when eat walk feel like heart going really fast that even when walking around house if I on relvra ellipta pump yellow square 92/22mcg and blue Ventolin does that mean asthma not controlled proper always cold to

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  • Everyone here has tried to give you constructive advice about how to use inhalers if your chest hurts. I think you probably need to see a doctor as soon as you can. Nurses are great, but if you are really unwell you need a doctor or an emergency room. By the way are you in the U.K. Or another country?

    People on this forum can give support but we are not doctors and cannot possibly give you medical advice.

    Do take care, please get a spacer for your reliever inhaler. I see that your other inhaler is powder based which means you don't have to take a big breath in.



  • I'm in UK Clacton my chest hurts most probably because can't take pumps

  • I am sorry you are still feeling bad. Please see your GP if you are worried or your nurse.

    I'm on relvar ellipta 184/22. The powder is very fine (this is partly why I was changed onto it) so it is easier to breath into your lungs even when they are very tight (I think) so even if you manage to breath in a small breath you should get some of it - I hope that makes sense.

    A spacer for your blue inhaler would mean you can take the ventolin in tiny breaths even when your lungs are very painful.

    I hope your ribs heal soon and it gets easier to take your meds.

    Please do get medical help if you are feeling unwell.

    Good luck

  • Best thing for you is to go to A&E and explain your problem. Take care now.

  • Only trying find out if I have Asthma attack or not and if I have it at night when I asleep how will I no and I got the symptoms think so don't no if I have attack before Saturday as docs shut weekend

  • If you have an attack you'll know about it. Do not lie flat in bed, sleep slightly propped up as it will be easier to breathe. Fear of needles or not if you can't breathe and really can't take your medication you should go to hospital, there is only so much a nurse can do. I don't mean to be patronising but some of your symptoms sound like a panic attack, but there again I am not medically trained only a fellow asthmatic of 50 years

  • Been 10 days without pumps

  • If you have an asthma attack believe me you will know. If you don't know then you aren't having one.

    risabel59 is dead right - we are not doctors. It is no good keep posting the same question time and time again. It is far beyond our remit as a support site. You need to go to your doctors or A and E if you are worried. We cannot help you any further with this question. .

  • No need be like that I thought it was site can help me as it healthunlocked site

  • It is but we cannot give you any more advice than we have. We are not doctors, we cannot visit you nor can we keep repeating the same advice over and over again. We can support, encourage and advise you which we have been doing. Any more than that we can't do I'm afraid. The rest is up to you.

    We can't tell you if you are having an asthma attack or whether you will have one and if so when. I can't see the point in keep asking the same question over and over? What exactly is it you want to know, bearing in mind what I have just said? Is there other stuff going on you haven't told us about?

    Your asthma isn't controlled because you aren't taking your meds. You either need to take them, or see a doctor if you can't. There is no middle road I'm afraid. You have received some very good advice on here and you need to follow it.

  • Right people are trying to help you but it comes down to you in the end why cant you have pumps to me you sound anxious breathe in through nose out through mouth and try and relax coughalot is right you would know if you were having one although i appreciate you scared you need to listen to medical proffessionals and go hosp

  • I don't want goto hospital I got go see my nurse in week so she can have me blow into peak flow meter to check what it reading if I not taking my pumps then will the reading be low and how long do u reckon

  • U need your pumps

  • Think people are worried that u r nit getting proper medical.investigations. pls go see your doctor. May phychologist referral would help youor a pulmonary rehabilutation class would help u.

  • This is the gold standard it. Read it now so you are prepared and follow it to the letter if you have one. Please read up on your asthma on asthma uk site. They are the experts we aren't and every one asthma is different has different triggers and treatment.

  • I think a/e is called for as ckearly asthma not controlled and it hasnt helped not taking accurate medication..the medical and nursing staff can give you more holistic advice too relating to your condition ...

  • Whats your nurse say

  • She said that I got go back in week to blow into peak flow meter to see what my asthma like so because haven't take pumps 10 days what will reading be do u think it be low

  • If your refusing meds then yeah probably do u want to be ill because i know people dont always like meds but you need it as its life saving

  • I already am ill so when I go blow into peak flow meter then it be low and she might put me on nebuliser

  • Use inhalers

  • I can't so will peak flow meter be low then

  • Im only asking once more why cant you take pumps if you havent got enough breath use spacer

  • I cant I tried

  • Apologies but no one can be this dense not too understand all readings be low if dont take meds are very frustrating as i take all meds and my condition deteriorates

  • What does deteriorates mean so when I go see my nurse in week she say that my readings to low

  • Right your really winding people up now this forum is for ill people not for attention seekers

  • I am ill and my peak flow going be low but fine leave me alone u lot all same if u like this shouldn't be on this site

  • Yes its going to be low

  • How long and i seen load people ask advice on here what would asthma nurse do

  • OK, one step at a time! You're clearly anxious and that can cause chest tightness and pain as I know from personal experience. That probably won't help your asthma symptoms either, so you might consider getting some help with your anxiety as well. There's nothing wrong with that; I suspect many of us have had the same experience and learnt to cope. Secondly, inhalers are not the only way to control asthma, though they are preferred; your asthma nurse may suggest tablets, though the doctor would have to prescribe them. Thirdly, don't get too hung up on peak flow readings; many people (such as myself) cope quite well with very low readings, whereas others have problems at relatively high ones. It's all very personal, but you'll know what's right for you because it's all about how you feel: if you feel OK, then there's no need to worry; if, on the other hand, you feel breathless or wheezy, then you need to improve your asthma control. Hope this helps and good luck!

  • So when I goto my aaya nurse then she goin

  • I'd concur with that analysis. My normal peak flow is 650 and yet as soon as I dip below 520 my symptoms kick in. I'm lucky in that I sing and play a brass instrument that improves my lung function. But I used to have a similar issue with anxiety and the fear of having an attack. In the end my anxiety levels caused an attack.

    It's not an easy disease to put in neat boxes as others have suggested, because no one iteration completely mimics another.

    In reality you must try and take your inhalers, even if you're only getting a small dose, it's better than none at all, and it may well loosen your airways up to enable a full breath later on down the line. I'm sure if you've damaged your ribs you've been advised to breathe as deeply as you can or else you run the risk of developing pneumonia or worse.

    I hope you can see the sense in everything you've been advised and will seek the right medical intervention. You do not want to suffer and asthma attack and with the number of people dying with this disorder needlessly, Is hate to hear you've become part of those statistics.

  • Ok im gonna be honest i might upset people but oh well my dad died last year of copd he took everything going even if he was struggling people lile you annoy me ones that wont take meds you will get ill if you dont take them but you know that

  • If you're ill seek medical treatment

  • Oh please we understand your are sick and need help. We have all been at this point where we need medical help. Hope yr well soon. Honestly people here are trying to help so please understand.

  • Whoever it is needs blocking ...

  • Defo

  • What are you expecting nurse to do in a week's time. If you are asthmatic and done take medication it can be life threatening. I have had bruised ribs, pleurisy and other injuries and still take my meds. You can get a peak flow meter yourself and test at home, plus if you can't breathe in and out not sure how reliable a peak flow would be. I am on oral steroids and have been for over 25 years taking them every day, I class an attack when I can't walk and carry on everyday things like washing dishes, walking to bathroom, walking round shop etc. When I can't get up out of chair/bed or even support myself then I am ready to call an ambulance. Don't know how old you are but am assuming you're young, if you're capable of getting to nurse then you're capable of getting to a doctor. Ring and make an appointment

  • If ur readings r low then ur breathing cannot be too good. So u need to see a doctor who might give u a nebuliseror steriods to help u. Its your health so u have to act on ir ans seek help incase u become very unwell. Please please go see your doctor or a and e at the hospital.

  • Its a struggle isnt it some people

  • U should have a peak flow meter at home so u can monitor your peak flow and know when your breathing is getting worse. I keep a daily record of my peak flow every mornubg and every night.

  • Relvar Ellipta 92/22 is in a blue pump, I have the yellow pump 184/22 very easy to take, so I'm a bit confused by your post.

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